A guide on how to use AliExpress Coins to save

How to use AliExpress Coins to save

About speaking globally these days e-commerce platforms or “Market Places,” means to almost necessarily direct us to a huge online platformssuch as Amazon and eBayoriginating in the United States; Zalando and ManoMano, originally from Europe; Y: AliExpress from China; to name a few. And since competition is fierce among all the ones out there, many have or offer them mechanisms of discounts, promotions and savingsTry it win more customers on your platform.

And of course Chinese AliExpress platform It does not lag behind this type of strategy. Therefore, today we will briefly explore this new quick guide on “How to use AliExpress Coins to save”.


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A quick guide to using AliExpress Coins to redeem

A quick guide to earning and using AliExpress Coins

What are AliExpress Coins and how are they used?

Before I start explaining the possible Ways to earn and use AliExpress Coinsit is appropriate that let’s clarifyfor those less knowledgeable in this field, What are AliExpress Coins?. And thus avoid possible doubts in the future.

AliExpress (virtual) currencies They are An integral element of store promotion on an e-commerce platform. Because a user shopping with them can bid coins for discounted items. And these coins can be earned by buying and selling users AliExpress mobile app. In addition, they can also be used pay for other activities within the platform. Something really useful, especially for sales users.

Also, when it comes to coin collections, they can be earn through or by participating in various events and games. what does it actually do? quick and easywhich any user can collect these coins to use them laterand so on save money.

AliExpress virtual currencies. discount coupons

Therefore, and finally, it can be understood AliExpress virtual currencieshow is it discount coupon form buy on the same platform. In this way A the buying user can accumulate a significant amount of coinsthen locate items with discounts registered in coin buybacks in order to use them as part of the product payment, saving a significant percentage of the cost in real currency. Or changing them before Discount coupons.

In most cases, depending on the moment, virtual currencies may be worth one (1) cent per dollar or euro. And in the case of sellers. AliExpress may charge up to 30% commission on coins, when the seller receives them through purchase. That is, if the seller receives 100 coins, AliExpress keeps 30 and the seller receives 70. In this way, everyone wins a little, be it buyers, sellers or the platform.

Ways to earn and use AliExpress Coins

In a clear and simple way the current existing forms for Earn and use AliExpress Coins! are as follows:

  1. Enter the mobile app once a day, this way AliExpress rewards us with some fractions. However, it also fines us if we do not enter one day.
  2. Do product reviewsrealistic and relevant, at least 200 characters.
  3. Post photos from some of our purchases within the platform.
  4. Playing magic garden, which is a mini-game inside the app. What is in the coins section and which consists of watering a virtual plant so that it grows and gives us virtual coins as fruit.
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More information about AliExpress and its currencies

More information about AliExpress and its currencies

We hope you found this interesting or helpful. A quick guide on “How to use AliExpress Coins to save”. Meanwhile, if you want to know a little more about this aspect of the Chinese e-commerce platform AliExpress, you can explore the following: link related to using coins in himself Coupons and Promotions section inside the Customer service area.

Finally, if you found the content useful and interesting, let us know through comments. Also remember share this quick guide with those closest to you friends, family and other contacts from your social networks. So that they also read and consider it when at some point they use this e-commerce platform. And don’t forget to explore more tutorials our webcontinue to learn more about different technologies.

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