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Xbox Game Pass for PlayStation? Microsoft reveals that their service may have been on Japanese consoles. Unfortunately, Sony stopped in the way of the Redmond company.

Do you think Xbox Game Pass for PlayStation is too exotic a combination? Maybe so, but in my opinion, the more players have the opportunity to play different titles, the better. Microsoft may have thought similarly when trying to make its service available on Sony devices.

Of course, it could also be a simple question of money, because the more available you are selling, the greater the profit. But whatever the motives, what is important is that the players benefit from it.

Xbox Game Pass for PlayStation was closer than you thought

Turns out, Microsoft’s service might actually hit PlayStation consoles, and it wasn’t as far off as it might seem. Unfortunately, Sony has stopped in the way of fulfilling the dreams of many gamers, who, according to court filings passed to the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) by Microsoft, blocked the release of Game Pass.

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The Redmond-based company has experienced similar disruptions before when it launched its service on Apple devices. Microsoft’s comment on the situation with Sony came in response to the UK CMA scrutiny, which concerned Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

An excerpt posted by Tom Warren on Twitter was also posted on FlatpanelsHD, which when translated reads:

“There is also no reason to believe that the acquisition of Call of Duty would tilt subscription services in favor of Xbox. Sony has decided to block Game Pass on PlayStation, so there is no not available. Since all games available on Game Pass are also available for purchase, PlayStation players will still be able to purchase Call of Duty for PlayStation. And doing so will still cost less than upgrading to the new Xbox.”

It was the time…

There is no doubt that digital distribution and subscriptions are the biggest source of revenue for games and gaming companies. So it’s no surprise that increasing your influence in this area is so desirable.

However, it must be admitted that before it was easier. While it’s easy and simple to buy games from stores like Steam, we only spend money on a license that we can lose access to if the service fails. The production in the box will be yours for life (at least on consoles) – unless you decide to get rid of it somehow.

I may be in the overwhelming minority, but I hope the sale of physical copies will never end. There’s nothing better than displaying your favorite titles on the shelf.

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