A liar wouldn’t stand a chance with such a Xiaomi smartphone

It cannot be denied that from time to time each of us misses the true version of events, to put it mildly. We often get away with it, but Xiaomi has developed a technology that liars won’t stand a chance with. How does the Chinese manufacturer plan to put a lie detector in its smartphone?

Xiaomi has developed a whip for liars

With the invention of the polygraph, liars could no longer feel completely safe. Basically, it works by measuring the body’s physiological responses, such as heart rate, blood pressure, sweating of the palms and breathing, during an interview or interview. Although the polygraph is popular as a forensic tool in some countries, its accuracy is often questioned, with some experts believing it can produce false positives or false negatives. The most modern constructions, in addition to measuring the reaction of the body, also analyze the movement of the eyeballs and pupils of the subject.

It seems that such advanced lie detection technology may soon find its way to Xiaomi devices. As the portal ITHome reports, the Chinese manufacturer has filed a patent, the description of which indicates that it is a mobile lie detector that can fit into a smartphone.

How it works?

In the description of the technology patented by Xiaomi, you can read that its operation requires a telephoto lens with a rotating camera, which will be used to record the face and track the movement of the pupils during the lie detection process. This means that the Xiaomi mobile polygraph will not be based on the level of pulse or blood pressure, but only on the observation and analysis of the eyeballs and pupils of the person being tested for lies.

The whole process should start with automatically adjusting the shooting angle of the telephoto lens in such a way that it maintains constant focus on the subject’s face. The camera will record her face and track pupil movement.

Xiaomi patent for lie detection (Source: ITHome)

The device will then analyze the collected data and determine if the person meets the conditions indicating that the information they submitted is a lie. The patent describes how the device can be integrated with a “mobile terminal”, i.e. smartphone, for example, and turn on simple and effective lie detection function.

Time will tell if Xiaomi decides to use the technology it developed in a device that will go on sale.

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