A man has been arrested on suspicion of abusing children through online games

A mobile phone with child pornography videos and conversations with the victims was seized from his home

24-year-old Israel Rodriguez was arrested on Tuesday (7) on suspicion of luring four teenagers to rape through online games in Cristalina, a suburb of the Federal District.

The investigation began after the victim’s father filed a report with the police. He noticed a strange behavior in his son.

The police found out that the suspect will have a great influence on some boys who participate in online games, mainly the game “Free Fire”. He used the game to get close to the victims and after gaining their trust, he took them to his home in an attempt to sexually abuse them.

The disclosure of the character and identity of the prisoner was preceded by the provisions of Law No. 13,869/2019, Decision No. 547/2021-HK and the delegate responsible for the investigation, especially since it aims to identify new victims in accordance with the public interest.

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