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A man offers his bicycle as a reward to whoever finds his lost dog

Losing a four-legged friend is heartbreaking – only those who have been through it.

Argentinian Angel Castaño felt devastated after losing his friend Max the sausage. She said her dog ran away while her mother was going to the store.
To get the dog back, Angel first offered his cell phone as a reward. Then he added his motorcycle to the already desperate offer.
The complaint was spread on Facebook.
“My sausage dog went missing yesterday in the Some district. I don’t have anything else, but I prefer my dog ​​to a motorcycle. That’s why I offer my 110 motorcycle to my dog, I own it.”
The search for the lost dog was shared by more than 15,000 users on Facebook.
To everyone’s delight, the dog was found 15 blocks from his home. The family that found the runaway dog ​​did not accept any reward Angel offered, all they wanted was the happiness of the pair of friends;
“Thanks to Freddy who gave me back the dog. I put the motorcycle keys in his hand, I wanted to give a tip, but he didn’t even take my cell phone. I thank him for this selfless gesture and the nearly 15,000 people who shared my quest,” Angel concluded.

Kindness is real and it shows every day. May we also bring this to the world through our actions.


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