A man tried to stab his girlfriend in the North Wing

The victim was taken to Hospital de Base, where he was operated on. Aggressor Daniel Vieira, Sampaio, is arrested

On Friday evening (16:00), around 20:30, the Military Police arrested a man for trying to kill his girlfriend with a knife. The incident took place in the couple’s apartment at 716 North Street.

According to the relatives of the victim, the couple had an argument, and the aggressor threw the girlfriend to the ground, hung her, and stabbed the victim 9 times. Then the author left the apartment. The doorman saw the bloodied man and decided to call the PMDF.

The victim managed to scream for help and the neighbors called the fire department (CBMDF). The military took him to the base hospital in serious condition. Also, according to family members, he underwent an operation and is recovering due to the threat of death. The blows hit the woman’s face, neck, hands and uterine bone.

The woman is a public speaker, 31 years old. Family members ask to reveal his identity. The aggressor is Daniel Vieira Sampaio of unknown age. On social networks, he presents himself as a writer. Daniel was caught by the PMDF and taken to Police Station 5 (Central Area).

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