A man was arrested in Autazes after he killed his sister-in-law and hid the body in the refrigerator - Portal CM7 - Notícias de Manaus and AmazonasEnglish 

A man was arrested in Autazes after he killed his sister-in-law and hid the body in the refrigerator – Portal CM7 – Notícias de Manaus and Amazonas

From Lindivan on June 30, 2022 at 8:24 p.m.

Police – Márcio Luiz Cavalcante Melo, 37, was arrested this Thursday (30) on charges of killing his own sister-in-law identified as 19-year-old Nazaré Dias de Lima. The crime took place in the municipality of Autazes, in the interior of the Amazon.

The victim has been missing since September 29, 2021, and was found dead in a refrigerator in January this year in that municipality.

According to envoy Ivona Azevedo, head of the 39th Interactive Police Station (SEC), police were looking for Márcio Luiz, who fled to Manaus shortly after the crime with his partner. The investigative team determined that there was a Bulletin of Events (BO) against him at the Police Station Specializing in Crimes against Women (DECCM) for assaulting his wife.

“After we found the record in the author’s name, he was informed to appear at the DECCM, however, Márcio Luiz did not imagine he would be arrested for crimes committed against Nazaré,” the envoy said.

According to police, Nazaré’s body was found in a refrigerator on Jan. 19 this year, still in a school uniform. The young woman was known to many people in the area and therefore this fact caused great commotion and revolt among the people.

“After the arrest of the perpetrator, I asked for permission from the Criminal Executive Court (VEP) to be admitted and detained in Manaus, so as not to re-create social unrest in Autazes,” Ivone said in more detail.


The delegate reported that the victim was first reported missing on September 29, 2021, after she went to school and did not return home. In January this year, she was found dead in a refrigerator, which belonged to the author himself, on the city’s airport road, about 300 meters from where he lived. The man probably had an affair with the victim. He reported to co-workers that she was a virgin and chased her wherever she went, including school, as some colleagues from Nazaré reported.

“On the day of the crime, two people saw a young woman walking with Márcia Luiza towards the place where her body was found, it is not known if he kept her in prison, because in the week when she disappeared he went out every day. night, ”the delegate said.

According to Ivona, after the murder of the victim, the person presented false information, saying that she was seen in another city, in order to prevent their body from being found.


The author will be held accountable for the crimes of aggravated murder and concealment of a corpse. It will be taken to the Admission and Classification Center (CRT), where it will be available to the judiciary.

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