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By Henrique on July 29, 2022 at 11:10 am

Manaus – Two establishments were fined during the Integrated Inspection Center (CIF), coordinated by the Department of Public Safety of the Amazon (SSP-AM), on Thursday evening (7/28) in the center, southern zone of Manaus. During the operation, a man was arrested who was caught falsely holding a woman in prison in a hotel room. Along with the CIF, the police made another arrest, this time for unlawful possession of a firearm.

CIF agents are inspecting a total of 12 locations, including hotels, inns and other commercial establishments, with the aim of curbing crime that occurs in such establishments, in that part of the city. Among other bodies, the Military Police, the Civil Police, and the Fire Department participated in the action.

Mercadinho Lisboa was fined by the Amazon Military Fire Brigade (CBMAM) and the Municipal Health Inspection (Visa Manaus) for lack of mandatory documentation. The central distributor was also fined by CBMAM for irregularities.

During the approach of the police officers of the Tactical Unit to the Juliana Inn, which is located on Quintino Bocaiúva Street, a man was arrested who was in possession of a 22 caliber shotgun.

liberated woman

While searching the hotels in the Center, agents of the Deputy Executive Secretariat for Operations (Seaop) found a woman in one of the rooms with her mouth gagged. She had her hands and feet tied, in a situation of false imprisonment. She also showed signs of physical aggression. The Amazonas Civil Police (PC-AM) teams were called to assist in the incident.

“When we opened (the bedroom door), the woman was tied to the floor, the children on the bed and the man with several scratches. We determined that he had tied her up, and because of the bruises on his face we also identified a situation of violence,” explained delegate Elizabeth de Paula, head of the 2nd Integrated Police District (DIP).

PC-AM activated the State Secretariat for Social Assistance (Seas) and the Guardianship Council to provide support to women and children. The 44-year-old was referred to the Specialized Police Station for Criminal Offenses Against Women (SKPZ).


CIF had a staff of more than 200 agents from the state, municipal and federal spheres. According to Public Security Secretary General Carlos Alberto Mansur, this was the largest CIF conducted in terms of personnel and interagency integration.

“We are there with more than 200 people involved, more than 100 vehicles in this operation. If we compare it with last year, we already have reductions in several crime rates, including a reduction in the number of murders, which is all a reflection of our business,” said the secretary.

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