A UniCD, fica na 506 Sul, e conta com uma estrutura de 5 salas espaçosas e completas, para um aprendizado eficaz, dentro do que se propõeEnglish 

A new dance space opens in Brazil and promises meaningful experiences for students

UniCD, located at 506 Sul, has a structure of 5 spacious and complete classrooms for effective learning within what is offered.

For Brazilians who love dance and theater, something new is coming to the Federal Capital. UniCD, a school founded by three dancing partners, opens this weekend, July 9, with special discounts. It is located at 506 Sul and has a structure of 5 spacious and complete rooms for quality teaching within the proposed limits.

The school offers a complete and unique methodology that provides knowledge and significant experience for students’ lives. The courses are thematic and designed for the best development of the Dancer’s body. In addition to dance lessons, you will also have Theater classes with stretching enhancements, dance, movement effects for shows, cultural and social experiences.

About the opening Partners Vitor, Thiago and Nilsson say they are excited about UniCD. “We are excited, happy and hopeful to realize a big dream, confident that all the work we have already had and is yet to come will bear beautiful fruits for our entire community.”

The opening event will take place next Saturday, July 9 at 8:00 p.m. And next Monday (11) the school will start the activity with a taster for all classes, the symbolic cost of which is R$ 49.00. Upon payment, the student will have access to the entire class schedule for one week.

You can register by visiting Instagram profile bio @unicd.corpodancante or whatsapp 61 99621-7971.

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about colleagues

Vitor Avelar began his story in 2006 in a social project, developing to participate in the dance companies of the city, while specializing in classical dances, theater and circus, transferring a bit of Brazilian culture to some places in Brazil and the world.


Thiago Seba, trying to overcome his shyness, started his dance training in 2000. Since then, he developed his career in the classrooms of several Brazilian academies, also participating in several congresses in Brazil and the world.

Nilsson Silva started his dance career in 2015. Living in several places in Brazil, he fell in love with different styles of local dances, such as Dança do Boi (Parintins), Dança do Coco (São Luís), etc. . And being a graduate student in logistics management, he saw an opportunity to contribute with a more pedagogical dance.

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For them, dance is a tool of transformation. “Dance is part of every aspect of our lives. We dance in our work, in our relationships, in our body care, even if we are not aware of it. We believe that the development of our Dance Bodies will enable us to live in a much better, comprehensive and comprehensive way,” they say.

“Dance is a tool of transformation. Much more than learning the steps, dance provides self-awareness, socialization, health and excellence,” they continue.


About UniCD The trio wants to promote the formation of new dancers from Brazil. “We want to significantly increase the dance community in Brazil, contribute to the training of new professionals in the dance market, as well as develop ourselves as a company operating in the national artistic sector,” they conclude.


Opening UniCD

When? Saturday, July 9;


Where: 506 Sul, Brasília-DF;

Opening hours: from 20:00;

More information: Instagram @unicd.corpodancante or whatsapp 61 99621-7971



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