A new record for fiber-optic data transfer speeds set at 1 Pbps 52 kmEnglish 

A new record for fiber-optic data transfer speeds set at 1 Pbps 52 km

Experts from the Japanese NCT Institute have set a new record for data transfer speeds on a single-mode fiber-optic cable. At a distance of 51.7 km, information was transmitted at a speed of 1.02 Pbps. The previous record set in June last year was set at around 0.319 Pbps, three times lower again. In fact, the Japanese managed to transfer 10 million video streams in 8K resolution on one cable at a time.

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It should be noted that two years ago NICT specialists had already received a similar result, but with slightly different methods. Then, a 15-mode single-core fiber-optic cable was used to transmit data at 1 Pbps. Unique equipment and sophisticated algorithms were used to encode and decode the signal. Today, the same velocity is achieved in single-core cores with a typical four-core diameter. This means that the registration can not only be repeated on standard telecommunications equipment, but can also be performed without changing the wiring infrastructure.

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During the new experiment, the experts used the same cable as a year ago. The settings and groups included have not changed either; they are experimental C, L և S. It is possible to increase the bandwidth due to the finer tuning of the wavelength division multiplexing. If a year ago there were 552 channels on the cable, now there are 801. Thus, the bandwidth of the four-core optical cable increased from 13.8 Tz to 20 Tz, which allowed the final data transfer rate to be increased to a new one. record level.

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