A new vaccine against dengue has been approved in Brazil. 80% effective

Anvisa, the National Health Surveillance Agency, has approved the dengue vaccine. QDenga had incredible results. 80% overall effectiveness against the disease.

He is The pharmaceutical company Takeda consists of four different serotypes of the virus that cause dengue fever, which guarantees optimal protection against the disease.

The new vaccine can be used for children over 4 years old, teenagers and adults up to 60 years old. The application interval is 3 months.


The efficiency of QDenga reached a level of about 80.2% with global efficiency values.

This number is calculated by comparing the results of participants who received the vaccine and those who received a placebo.

The vaccine has also been able to reduce hospitalizations due to dengue by up to 90%, see what an incredible result!

The global efficacy test considers all 4 study serotypes, taking into account the number of dengue cases detected, whether in seropositive or seronegative individuals.

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European Seal of Efficiency

In addition to the approval carried out by Anvisa, the vaccine also received the positive seal of the European Health Agency (Ema) and went through the EU Medicines for All program, a mechanism that evaluates medicines for use at low and low levels. Middle-income countries outside the European Union (EU) Brazil.

QDenga can now be sold on a private network in Brazil. The product in the Unified Health System (SUS) is still subject to approval by the Ministry of Health.


QDenga is not the first dengue vaccine in Brazil. Dengvaxia is already an approved vaccine in the country, but unlike QDenga, Dengaxia can only be administered to those who have already had the disease.

Dengvaxia is administered in 3 doses, given at 6-month intervals. Protection is not 100% and immunization occurs in 2 out of 3 people.

Brazilian vaccine

Brazil won’t be left out, will they? The country is also working hard to produce a dengue vaccine. The Bhutan Institute is producing a vaccine, and the results of the first tests have been positive.

According to a phase 3 study, Butantan-DV showed 76.6% efficacy in preventing the disease.

The study spanned two years and included more than 16,000 individuals from Brazil. During the study, no serious cases of dengue were reported among the participants.

Studies are ongoing, and researchers are looking for more data to confirm the effectiveness of serotypes 3 and 4. A study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases showed that 80% of volunteers produced antibodies against the four serotypes used in the vaccine.

Brazil set an annual record for dengue deaths in 2022 at 1,016 deaths per year. The hope is that this picture will change with the use of the new vaccine.

QDenga is a dengue vaccine manufactured by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda. Photo: Reproduction/PFarma.

With information from the Federal Government and Bhutantan Institute.

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