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A not very popular spice will not only enrich the taste of dishes, but also stimulate digestion and remove harmful toxins.

We all have this spice on our shelves, and it is a real treasure in the kitchen. It will spice up the flavor of many dishes and successfully replace several components of a marinade, sauce or dressing. Just add a pinch and the dish will instantly take on character.

Spices are something we can’t imagine cooking without. They give all recipes a distinct aroma and depth of flavor. Usually, though, we pick the same famous bags off the store shelf, while right next to them is an underrated treasure. Get to know this spice and see what it can do, and you’ll be throwing it in the cart the next time you shop.

Pepper is the most popular spice next to salt and an absolute staple in every kitchen. However, most often we focus on the black or perhaps the vegetation and forget about the brilliant product that it is. lemon pepper. Under this name is a mixture of black pepper, white pepper, turmeric, lemon peel, citric acid, onion and garlic. Thanks to such a rich combination, this spice it not only gives a unique taste and beautiful color to the dishes, but also brings many benefits to the whole body..

The antioxidant contained in pepper is called Piperine has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, as well as aids digestion and detoxification.. On the other hand, it is valuable in garlic and onions allin, called a natural antibiotic about strong antiseptic properties. In turn, it is found in turmeric curcumin, a natural dye that lowers blood pressure, supports brain function and slows the body’s aging process. At the end, there are still peels and citric acid, and in them immune-boosting vitamin C.

Such a delicious mixture is therefore a real treasure for both body and soul, so it is worth using it as often as possible in different types of recipes. See which one fits best.

This spice has a wonderful refreshing taste and aroma, which is why it works best for delicate fish, seafood and poultry. It also goes well with all types vegetables, both baked, fried and grilled. In addition, lemon pepper will also brilliantly accentuate the taste and smell of all sauces and salad dressings.

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