A nun and a priest give up the religious life for love

The love story of a nun and a priest made them both leave everything behind to live their passion. The bravery of a young couple who renounced their religious vows for the sake of love has gone viral on social networks.

Thomas and Maciel devoted another 7 years to religious services to become priests and nuns. First, he was the one who revealed that despite his faith, he was not called to the celibate life.

Knowing that Maciel, who until then had been just a friend, had also left the religious life, Thomas followed him in search of him. There both revealed the beautiful feeling they have for each other. And their story is moving for courage, boldness and determination

the beginning of love

The incident took place in Mexico. When he learned that Maciel had also left the congregation, Thomas decided to talk to his former friend to find out the reasons for the decision.

Between conversations and meetings, the young Mexicans began to feel something that they had kept from each other for 7 long years. Love between a priest and a nun.

Tomas explained what he felt on social networks. “The thing is, I saw her, and I saw her in a very different way, very beautiful, with her beautiful smile and her unique way of dressing,” she reports.


When he realized he was falling in love, the former priest thought he had to take action. In other words, declare Maciel.

“I don’t know, but it all started when we started talking. I don’t know if you have seen those movies where one person talks and I don’t know, the other one doesn’t listen, just looks,” he says in love.

Deciding to tell about her love, Thomas did not know that the former nun also had a special love for the boy.

That’s when the two took a step towards happiness and started dating. Long live love!

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Turmoil on the nets

In his TikTok account, the boy told his followers the whole story with Maciel. It didn’t take long for their love to spread on social media.

The love story has already reached thousands of Internet users and has millions of views on Thomas’ account.

The takeaway message from their romance is that love can happen anywhere, anytime, anywhere. This is beautiful, isn’t it?

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Now Thomas is sharing his life with Maciel on social networks, proving that love is worth everything. – Photo: Playback/TikTok @tomascamr

With information from Araruama News, Portal Norte, Debate.

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