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In today’s internet frenzy, WordPress is possibly the most used CMS (Content Management System) by internet users to boost their online presence. It’s extremely customizable and lets you install a variety of plugins to improve productivity and better manage your website. However, sometimes the backend can get messy and you can hop between pages to handle your workload.

I’m looking for software that can help me solve this website management problem. And then I came across 10Web, a tool that provides access to all necessary tools and add-ons under one roof. So I decided to give it a try and share with you the pros and cons of using 10Web to manage your WordPress site:

main features

While there are many WordPress site management tools out there on the web, I found that 10Web built some useful features into their platform. It is currently on an emerging growth path compared to its peers, but the company is developing and adding features to the platform right away. So let’s dive in and take a closer look at the features that 10Web offers us:

One of the attractive features of 10Web is the dashboard, which brings all the features together under one roof. I’ve been using WordPress for years and I know how tedious it can be when you want to make changes to multiple plugins. This means that You can now easily monitor many of your website’s features in 10Web’s unified dashboard 🇧🇷

You no longer need to switch between different admin areas to control how your website backend works. With 10Web you can manage the platform with just one click 🇧🇷 Here you can install, activate, deactivate and update plugins, themes and add-ons. However, the biggest benefit of this website management tool has to be the fact that you can manage multiple domains at the same time.

  • Automatic website backup

I found that 10Web also offers a reliable backup service that it allows you to backup your WordPress based platform and restore it if needed 🇧🇷 Using this tool means you no longer have to worry about data loss as all data will be backed up in time so you can bring back any post hacks or user errors.

You may the beginning of the “automatic backup process” and specify the cloud service (including Dropbox, RackSpace, Google Drive and others) to which you want to store the backup copies. The However, the feature I liked the most is that you can save only differential backups to save space, time and data transfer. 🇧🇷 You can also use the 10GB web storage provided by 10Web and archive your website backups in zip, tar, tar gzip and tar bzip2 formats.

This is a feature I commend 10Web for including in their versatile platform. Images represent an important part of the content you publish on your WordPress site. This can certainly slow down your site if you are not using clearer and more optimized photos. 10Web wants to help you with this question, regularly new images optimized automatically 🇧🇷

Not only could I schedule the optimization intervals, but I could choose how much compression I wanted. 10Web gives you the option to choose from three modes i.e. Conservative, Balanced, Extreme, and then check the reports to see if the plugin is working as expected. But wait, that’s not all. The greatest weapon in the arsenal is that you still Easily convert media files (in png or jpg) from one file format to another 🇧🇷 This is a useful feature that I appreciated the most.

I hope everyone is aware that the success of WordPress blogs i.e. your content depends a lot on the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques you use to make your content visible to more eyes. 10Web wants Help you increase your website’s Internet presence to improve, using proven SEO strategiesto increase traffic and conversion rates.

It provides a simple user interface through which you View metadata on each page and Manage, enable or disable page indexing and analyze contentto improve the placement of your content in Google search results. 10Web also provides a ton of data such as: B. reports to search data with queries, clicks, impressions, CTR and more on content and the reputation improve 🇧🇷 You can edit the “Open Chart” settings and also use a custom metabox, which I think will work for any website.

We all know how important plugins are to increase the productivity of your WordPress site. 10Web is aware of this fact and you will find that You can access 60+ plugins directly from 10Web dashboard which also belongs to premium plugins 🇧🇷 This ensures that you can install the plugin and integrate it with your websites in a matter of seconds.

As you can see above, 10Web offers premium plugins for any type of WordPress website you want to create. You may create beautiful galleries, forms, sliders or ad management tools or analytics or e-commerce tools add to your future webshop. Plus, you can integrate YouTube, Google Maps, or even Instagram into your website, which I’m sure I liked about the platform.

  • resources in the pipeline

10Web wants you to focus on your content instead of spending time fixing backend issues. Therefore, it has already been demonstrated that new exciting solutions like hosting, security and monitoring will be added in the next update 🇧🇷 This means that you will soon be able to host websites at affordable prices, protect them from security risks and threats from the growing cyber security threats, and no longer have to worry about your website going down frequently.

I am confident that after the release of this update, 10Web will cover almost all of your WordPress needs and provide a single dashboard for smooth management.

user interface

10Web’s unified dashboard (pictured below) is pretty clean and minimalistic. Is it over there you would not find confusion or unwanted options on the screen, only the most important functions that you can access at any time 🇧🇷 The first screen shows the sites you’ve added to 10Web and an option to add newer sites, which is a great feature of the platform. This is certainly a platform you would expect from the team behind Web Dorado, who are very familiar with WordPress and user needs.

When you open the site management screen, you will see that all installed plugins and add-ons are shown in this panel. there is a simple and minimalist user interface where you can explore the resources provided by 10Web 🇧🇷 It is designed in such a way that most likely you will not be confused about where to look for a service you want to use in a split second.

ease of use

Although 10Web tries to handle all the services you need to run your WordPress site, the platform is relatively easy to navigate. By signing up and installing the tool on your site, you You realize that a login is simply what is needed to set up your dashboard 🇧🇷 Dashboard navigation is quite easy as the platform has dedicated buttons for each function on the left navigation bar.

The 10Web panel is quite minimalist and offers you per Access to all available services at the touch of a button 🇧🇷 I found it quite impressive that you get a decent set of WordPress management tools in one place, however some are not available on a localhost server 🇧🇷 This is very strange and I think it would be helpful if I could try out the backup and image stabilization features before using the app.

price and availability

If you’re absolutely convinced that 10Web is the platform you need to manage all of your WordPress sites, then let’s talk pricing. This one The company offers three tiers for you to choose from – Basic, Standard, and Premium 🇧🇷 In all of these packages, you get top-notch support, updates, and access to all the 60+ plugins mentioned above. They all vary in the number of sites you can manage, storage space for backup, and limits on optimizing your image. (See below).

If you choose the monthly billing option, Basic plan is $12, standard price is $30 and premium is $80 🇧🇷 However, you can save 20% of your money if you choose the annual billing option, which is only deducted when your 14-day “risk-free” trial comes to an end.

However, if you want to access a single plugin or theme from the 10Web collection, this is not possible, since this is the company’s ideology contradicts 🇧🇷 The aim is to offer comprehensive solutions to manage your WordPress sites, which are constantly updated to always be up to date.

While the prices are quite decent, the plugin is available for download after signing up. However, my biggest flaw is that 10Web also offers a free tier for young bloggers. 🇧🇷 It is already very difficult for new developers to establish themselves in the competitive system. A free tier will just witness how these developers embrace 10Web’s solutions with open arms.

pros 🇧🇷

  • Unified dashboard for website maintenance
  • Full implementation of the SEO strategy
  • Image optimization is very useful

Disadvantages 🇧🇷

  • Resources not accessible on local server

10Web Review: Your One Stop Shop for All Your WordPress Needs

If you have no experience managing a WordPress based website, it can certainly be a daunting task. However, 10Web’s simple, unified platform is a proven solution that can help you meet your website needs without breaking a sweat. In my time with this product, my experiences have been very positive and the tool has proven to be very helpful in creating and managing your website.

Check out 10Web Site Management Tool here

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