A patch is in progress for Witcher 3. CD Projekt has released another hotfix

Witźmin 3 on PC will be another quick hotfix that fixes some bugsłęiłiłanti; this version of the game. The list of patches is really short, and for the biggest&eotail; we will have to wait a little longer for the update.

We have released another fix for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PC. The hotfix improves general stability and brings improvements to the photo mode and Arabic language in the game, as well removes bugs associated with poisoning, Steam Deck and more. the version of the game will not change” – we read on Twitter.

&Lstroka;tka is not available on consolesbut in comment below the original post, the creator assures that CD Projekt is working on fixes for all platforms and will deliver them as soon as possible. More updates should be expected after the New Year.

Developers Zachéogon;cają contact the technical support team directly and report any bugs you encounter, which you can do via the official site. There you will find solutions to the most common problems and a tail option to deliver a notification for each of the platforms where the tail appeared; game.

the next generation Update Wit&zacut;min 3 brings a lot of changes and novelties, however, gamers on PC and previous generations of consoles face a lot of problems to joke about. Not all bugs;&lstrokes;tails;have been fixed yet;but believe the creators – it should be just a matter of time.

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