A photo of a ‘smiling’ boto on Amazon has won a global competition

How cute! A photo of a “smiling” pink dolphin in the waters of the Amazon has won one of the world’s most important awards for underwater life. The image is enchanting and incredible, it looks like a painting, so perfect. From color to expression.

American Kat Zhu’s photo has won the “Underwater Photographer of the Year 2023” competition, which selects the best underwater photographers of the year.

Dubbed ‘Enchanted Boto’, the character won the hearts of the judges thanks to the animal’s friendliness as he posed with that big smile.

award-winning photo

Without specifying which part of the Amazon, but stating that it was at dusk, Cat’s photo shows the boto with part of its beak sticking out of the water.

Pure sympathy, the photo of the bot was interpreted as an animal smile. An impressive moment to record, isn’t it?

Without fearing the animal, the photographer’s click was awarded for the unseen moment every day. Apart from the image of the animal, the technical quality of the photo is impressive.


On Instagram, Kat celebrated the achievement, thanking the judges of the competition and everyone on the Internet for believing in the potential of photography.

“I am truly honored and delighted to be recognized as the Underwater Photographer of 2023 in this year’s competition,” he wrote.

In addition, the photographer is grateful for the opportunity to win the prize, as the animal depicted in the photo is endangered.

In an attempt to share knowledge, Kat thought of drawing to explain the situation of the Amazonian boto.

“There are only 6 species of guinea pigs in the world, and all of them are endangered or critically endangered,” he warned.

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Cat Zhu’s photo of the animal was the best among more than 6,000 photos from 72 different countries participating in the contest. Jury members rated the photo as the best of its kind taken so far.

Again in her post, Kat uses the spotlight to advocate for the rights of Amazonian aquatic animals.

“Although locals often worship these dolphins as legendary creatures with magical powers, if we continue on our current path of destroying the Amazon’s environment, I fear they will truly become nothing more than mythical creatures,” he says.

Baptized "enchanted dolphin", Kat’s photo won more than 6,000 likes. – Photo: Playback/Instagram @katsnaps.art” width=”264″ height=”400″/>

Christened “Enchanted Boto,” Kat’s photo has attracted more than 6,000 likes. – Photo: Playback/Instagram @katsnaps.art

With information from the Amazônia portal.

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