A Plague Tale. Requiem – There are (not) many mice. Analysis:

Played Xbox Series S

Plague Tale: Innocence has a lot in common with The Last of Us, but the developers of Asobo Studios did their best to make these comparisons extremely rare in discussions. The story of Amisia and Hugo echoed in the hearts of millions of players, and for the team this release became almost the most important in its history; it was thanks to him that the studio, which at that time existed for more than ten years, was rumored.. Thus, the appearance of a sequel called A Plague Tale. Requiem was a logical step, and it’s even more satisfying that it surpasses the first in almost every way.

⇡#Crazy adventure

The plot of Requiem begins six months after the end of Innocence. We are transported back to 14th century France and seeing the main characters having fun, we learn the basic mechanics of the game. At some point, joy is replaced by sadness. Hugo starts to feel bad and the rats aren’t just coming back, now there are hundreds of thousands of them. Thanks to the new consoles, the game was not released on the old ones, they were not pulled.

Some photos look fabulous

The story of Requiem can be divided into two halves. Much greater importance is given in the First Mission. he works hard to help his brother and is almost unable to control himself when in danger. At some point, Luca, who she travels with in the first few chapters, scolds her when the girl starts killing people. You can draw a parallel with The Last of Us Part II, but the brutality is noticeably less.

For some reason, the writers refuse to develop this topic further. the second half of the adventure is devoted to finding the mysterious lake that Hugo sees in his dreams. According to those dreams, he is able to completely heal his younger brother. Amitia’s experiences take a back seat, and while the game doesn’t stop being exciting until the end, it’s still hard to shake the feeling that two different stories are glued together in the plot.

I’m ready to go through at least a dozen more games with these characters.

But this is probably the only important claim of history. It never fails to impress how the sequel brilliantly replaces the “dark” with bright, sunny episodes. This is a real game of contrasts: sometimes you walk through mountains of half-decomposed corpses, and a few minutes later you walk through a field of flowers and collect feathers. Either you remove a dead body trapped in a mechanism, or you play with your brother. This allows the game to remain entertaining, even in those rare moments when the story falls a little short. after all, the plot drags on for almost twenty hours, and it’s difficult to maintain the ideal narrative pace.

But above all, the visual component of Requiem is amazing. The most beautiful places encourage you to keep clicking screenshots. fields dotted with flowers, over which butterflies fly, majestic mountains in the background, noisy and colorful medieval fairs; everything looks gorgeous even on the Xbox Series S. Nothing to complain about here. .

I don’t want to die from it

Spectacular moments involving mice are especially good. There is nothing unusual about them in the game. the character runs down a long stretch, and the panning camera tells you where to turn in a matter of seconds. But the performance is beyond praise. Falls, destruction, streams of rats pouring through the walls like water from a broken dam – you even want to replay these episodes, they are so cold. And after those, a kind of slow walk with dialogues so you can relax.

⇡#Interrupted journey

In gameplay, they also tried to replace different types of gameplay; or you walk hand in hand with Hugo and admire the beauties of the world around you, then solve puzzles, meet soldiers, then mice, and sometimes both at the same time. Everything would be fine, but battles with living people are still not the most interesting moments of the game, as in the first part. And trying to beat everyone and hiding in the bushes is becoming more boring, despite the appearance of new features during the game.

Fire and water are the main enemies of mice, but we need fire first

Amisia is armed with a slingshot that allows her to create chaos at great distances. By using regular stones, the supply of which does not dry up, you can quickly eliminate the non-helmeted guards. Those whose body is completely covered with armor can be fed to rats; just put out the torches or fires they are next to. If there are no deadly rodents nearby, you can use resin or temporarily stun enemies. The same effect is achieved when approaching the opponent. In general, killing them all in a row will not work. most must be disorientated for a while to quickly run to the next door.

Over time, you gain new skills that add more variety to these skirmishes. Hugo remembers the ability to control mice, which goes well with Amicia’s slingshot, first you put out enemy torches, then with the help of the pack you take out the guards. A crossbow also appears in the heroine’s arsenal, although they always provide disastrously few arrows, so as not to turn the game into a shooter. It turns out that the partner can be ordered to attack the specified enemy; if he gets the crowd’s attention, we help him by stunning all running opponents with a slingshot.

Knives can be used to kill enemies, but they are disastrously few, and besides, they are spent to open a few chests with valuable trophies.

However, all this does not negate the fact that from the middle of the game, skirmishes with soldiers begin to tire. The structure of the place is partly to blame for this. when you enter a large open arena after the next corridor, with a bunch of shelters and glowing chests hiding bomb resources, you realize what lies ahead. Hide and seek in the bushes, trying to see which guard has a helmet and who needs to put the armor on their back, etc. All of this seems to be added to drag out time rather than entertain the player. Especially if you take into account the non-standard combat system and not the most convenient control, with the need to open the gear wheel and switch from the slingshot to the pot (if you need to cover a large area on the ground with an explosion) and the beast from the pot.

Sometimes it’s hard to shake the feeling that Requiem is stereotypical; it’s a third-person adventure that borrows a lot from other members of the genre. Hide and seek in bushes, fences that are painted white, having to move boxes and carts to get higher – I’ve done it many times and in many places. Save the environment. when the action takes place in medieval cities and every episode with rats turns into a puzzle with bonfires and burning torches (the rodents are still afraid of light), it is very easy to turn a blind eye to stereotypes. Well, the heroes who are hard not to fall in love with contribute. you bond with them quickly and are ready to go through any challenge with them.

What a beauty!


A Plague Tale. Requiem is not trying to become a new word in the genre, but simply builds on the ideas of the first part. The story has become more ambitious, the locations are more beautiful than ever, and the pace of the story and gameplay is such that there is no time to get bored. there is always something new and unexpected happening. It’s a shame that the developers’ attempts to diversify the combat system were not successful: when you see another arena, you don’t want to prepare for another skirmish with soldiers, but you sigh loudly from fatigue. But on the other hand, this is a wonderful, brilliant and in some ways even unique adventure that will give you great nights in the company of charming characters.


  • An interesting story with charming characters;
  • The most beautiful places that are rarely repeated;
  • Impressive moments involving hundreds of thousands of mice;
  • Many different game situations, so the game is often unpredictable.


  • The topics raised in the first half of the plot are forgotten in the second, which is inconvenient.
  • Stealth and guard fights get tiresome over time, despite the introduction of new mechanics.


Fantastic beautiful locations and brilliant camera work in narrative videos. it’s hard to take your eyes off the game.


Nice music and no less nice dubbing. actors have no requirements.

game for one player

Exciting adventure in a luxurious environment, you will not regret a minute of the time spent.

Estimated travel time

20 hours.

collective game

Not provided.

Overall impression

Although A Plague Tale. Requiem’s ​​gameplay is formulaic at times, that doesn’t make it bad. The story, the characters, the graphics and some of the game mechanics are engaging enough to keep you interested till the end.

Rating: 8.0/10

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