A potted Christmas tree is the perfect tree for the holidays. It can be planted in the garden, but not everyone will take it. Which potted Christmas tree to choose?

Potted Christmas trees as a Christmas decoration are a good idea. You can later plant such a tree in the garden, or use it for several years as a Christmas decoration. However, you must know that some Christmas trees in a pot are only in name – they are practically without roots and are just placed in a container. They may be more durable than a cut tree, but they have no chance of being accepted in the garden. We advise what to pay attention to when buying a Christmas tree in a pot and how to take care of it so that it really lasts for years.


After Christmas, you can put the Christmas tree growing in a pot on the balcony or in the garden. In a year, you will return it to the room. It is important that it does not harden, that is, it does not wake up from its winter sleep.

You must be careful to buy a tree that has actually grown in a pot, not one that has been squeezed into it just before sale. Not every seller will tell us the truth. Christmas trees in pots that are offered to us at seasonal sales points, as a rule, have no chance of survival. They are grown from the ground. After digging, their roots are drastically prunedotherwise they wouldn’t fit in the pot. If we plant them in the garden, the chances that they will be received are almost zero.
The best opportunity to buy a tree that has been grown in a container from the beginning is at a garden store. It’s worth paying a bit more for these. It will serve us for a long time.

A tree with its roots cut off will be a “Christmas tree in a pot” in name only. Let’s not count on them surviving longer than Christmas and being welcomed in the garden. Katarzyna Laszczak

We do not bring a Christmas tree in a pot, bought before Christmas, into the house. You should stand on the balcony or terrace. A few days before putting it in the room, it will benefit from a temperature of about 10 degrees Celsius. That way, she will get used to what awaits her in the apartment. We bring it into a warm room (best when the temperature in it does not exceed 20°C) just before we need to decorate it. As far as possible do not place the Christmas tree near the radiator.

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