A PS3 security hack was supposed to fix Twitter. He gave up and left

Developer George “Geohot” Hotz, who spent decades hacking the security of the PlayStation 3 and iPhone devices, last month Elon Musk to fix the problems of the popular social network. A former hacker announces that he is resigning from his job at the company.

I quit Twitter today. I appreciate the opportunity to work there, but I don’t want to have any influence on what happens, happens there. Also, my GitHub profile is empty. Back to programming!– wrote Hotz on his Twitter profile.

Then, in the answers to the suggestion, answering the questions of other Internet users, he gave, I don’t want to spoil my decision. “What do you think?– you will ask Navin Recorded. “No, it is what it is. Still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the success of Twitter 2.0– answered Geohot. He also added that during his time on Twitter “added a few changes, but not very significant“.

Let us remind you that Elon Musk will hire Hotz to repair the internal search system on the portal. The developer was going to sign a contract for 12 weeks, but opted out before it expired.

Interestingly, the controversial billionaire wanted to go to trial and employ a geohot earlier. When he was working on the Comma AI project – an autonomous driving system – a celebrity suggested him a multi-million dollar contact to refine similar solutions for tails in Tesla cars. However, no agreement was reached.

At the moment, however, the former hacker is not complaining about being busy. In addition to the aforementioned creation of software projects on GitHub, he also develops&ccute; neural artificial intelligence called Tinygrad.

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