A R$100 note can be worth R$4,500; know how to change

Many Brazilians still don’t know, but banknotes real may cost more than what is printed on the models in circulation.

At the outset, it is important to note that not all circulations are of high value. In fact, the vast majority are worth what they represent, i.e. R$ 10 is worth 10 reais and BRL 100 also, of course, 100 reais. However, there are some features that add value to the models and make them command a price much higher than the printed value.

Stand out from the models R$ 100 rare banknote has gained much appreciation over the years. In summary, the model in question has a manufacturing error that distinguishes it from other notes in circulation. Moreover, the banknotes are very old and are part of the “first family” of real ones.

In the end, which R$100 bill has more value?

First of all, it’s important to clarify that market value varies depending on what collectors are looking for. Thus, some factors are more sought after and make models more valuable, such as low number of impressions, manufacturing and cutting errors, and antiquity.

As for the R$100 note, see the main features of the model below:

  • BRL 100 banknote from the real “first family”.
  • Absence of the phrase “Glory to God”;
  • Released in 1994, that is, at the beginning of the real plan;
  • Signature of Rubens Ricupero, Minister of Finance;
  • Signature of the RA President central bankPedro Malan.

How much is a $100 bill worth now?

At the beginning, it should be clarified that the current Ministry of Economy was called the Ministry of Finance in the 1990s, at that time the function of signing banknotes was held by the former head, as well as the RA President. central bank. These items, despite being so important at the time, helped increase the value of the R$100 note.

In one word, central bank Some changes of presidents took place at the beginning of the implementation of the real plan in the country in 1994. One of those presidents was Pedro Malan, who led the B.C. From September 1993 to 1995

Meanwhile, Rubens Ricupero was a minister in the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso from March 30 to September 6, 1994, a little over five months. During this time, he signed the ballot papers circulating in the country together with Malan.

In this case, only three series received a subscription from two. 1199, 1200 and 1201. So, it is the banknotes of this series that have a very high value. At the same time, the absence of the phrase “Glory to God”, a mistake that went unnoticed, further increased the value of the 100 rial dollar notes.

Be that as it may, people who have a 100 rial dollar bill from the “first family” of the real with the signatures of Malan and Ricupero and without the phrase “Glory to God”. can earn up to BRL 4500. For this, the note must be in excellent condition. So do you have any of these at home?

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