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A student is denied a diploma for not having formal shoes, but his teacher lends him one.

American professor John Butler shared on his Facebook the beautiful gesture he had for his student, young Daverius Peters, to participate in his graduation ceremony.

John shared on his social media profile that at the last minute, before closing the graduation doors, his student came up to him in a panic and said: John, they won’t let me finish because I don’t have shoes that match the dress code.”

The young man explained that the lady “downstairs” said the students were not allowed to finish the shoes the boy was wearing. The professor, in utter disbelief, went down to confirm. The woman repeated the same information that the boy had told her. the school dress code required dress shoes.

The teacher did not think twice. he took off his dress shoes and handed them to the boy, wearing only socks for the ceremony. “This was the most important moment of her life to date and I wouldn’t let her miss it for anything,” John said.

The problem was that the man’s shoes were too big for the boy, who slid across the stage to receive his diploma, which caused many laughs. Daverius’ mother later said that at the time she had no idea what was happening.

“Wait a minute, whose shoes is he wearing?” Daverius’ mother, Gima Smith, whispered to her family, the Post reports. “We were all confused.”

The boy’s relatives thought it was strange when they saw how the teacher was proudly watching the ceremony in socks. They didn’t know that it was only because of him that Daverius was able to finish.

John’s selfless act, however, did not surprise the young man. “Mr. Butler is that kind of person,” he told the Post. “At school, if you’re having a bad day, he’s the one who’ll take you out of class, walk you around the school and talk to you.”

“I was just doing my part”concluded the professor.


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