A student who lived on the streets for 23 years wins 1st place at ES Federal Institute

Young Diana Mary Umbellino, 32, has spent 23 years of her life on the streets, addicted to drugs and in decline in Vitoria, Espirito Santo. Fortunately, thanks to the help of volunteers, he was saved and started a new life.

Moreover, this Brazilian woman has just been approved at IFES, the Federal Institute of Espirito Santo, in a technical course in occupational safety.

Classes start next year, and this is the first step for Diana to achieve another dream. become a psychologist to help other drug addicts.

How did you get into drugs?

After years of crack and alcohol abuse and much suffering, he told how he entered the drug underworld.

“I started with loló, then I was introduced to crack and I was only on crack and then alcohol. It was very difficult, I was beaten on the street, others would steal from me. I had friends only when I was on drugs,” Diana said.

She had the opportunity to change her life when she accepted the help of volunteers from the specialized Homeless Social Assistance Reference Center.

“They fought for me. If it wasn’t for Centro Pop, I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t make it. I passed IFES, what a thrill! Of course, it was not easy, it was very difficult, but Centro Pop was a reference,” he said.

future psychologist

Diana dropped out of school in 6th grade, but decided to return to her 1st grade classrooms and do it all over again.

He did so and immediately passed IFES.

The dream of being a psychologist is now more alive than ever.

And he constantly repeats this: he wants to help people who, like him, are still suffering on the streets.

Beautiful day! Resist!

Graduating from elementary school after 23 years on the streets was an extremely emotional moment for Diana. Photo: Personal archive

With information from Folha Vitória

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