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A teacher sews uniforms for poor students and gives them hope.

A teacher with a giant heart is one of the most powerful forces in the world as he inspires the next generations to the path of goodness.

Valentina, better known as Ama Wal, is a teacher from Ghana, Africa. The teacher stands out for her unconditional love for her students. he went viral after posting on Instagram a project he created to improve the lives of students.

Ama Val tells how she was saddened and disheartened when she saw that the students, whom she calls “future leaders”, go to school in worn, old and worn clothes. Therefore, he decided to sew the children’s uniform without paying anything for it. Sometimes, when time is running out, she uses the break time to get ahead with sewing clothes.

She also received backpacks and shoes for the little ones. View students before and after.

Students also received beautiful backpacks.

In her Instagram post, the teacher says that she not only teaches students, but helps them. Ama Val understands that children’s needs are a “collective responsibility” and is asking for donations such as school supplies, textiles and hygiene items.

This teacher is certainly a giant of a person, sensitive, determined and full of love for the little minds under her care. Congratulations Ama Val, you are amazing!


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