A tip to have fun with your Christmas kids

La Navidad is a scene of illusion and magic, but for the little ones, above all, it has two meanings: holidays and gifts🇧🇷 It’s time, two weeks to live an authentic dream. A period of authentic consumerism that distorts what we should really value with our children: spending time with family🇧🇷 And, although it is difficult to connect directly these days with material gifts that may unconsciously generate a compulsive desire to consume, you should try to avoid it🇧🇷 Gifts cannot be the main characters. to help us Isabel Aranda🇧🇷 health psychologisttogether with the experts at TherapyChat, the platform of psychology experts, gave us some tips to restore the importance of the material and teach our children the true meaning of Christmas.

The concept of happiness, something difficult to explain

Gifts under the tree. It’s the idea we’ve all been bombarded with since the festivities began (even months before). A concept that particularly affects little ones at home, experts say, “because they are much more vulnerable to anything they see, come on television y, one generally sees a different concept of what the term happiness means”. And from here on you can twist everything.

Everything you have around them encourages consumption: the ads dedicated to children (perfectly designed to generate their desire), thousands of catalogs and inquiring family members who make up your gift lists. So “it’s very difficult to make them understand that Christmas goes much further than presents and that happiness (that abstract term we don’t know) doesn’t end there.” The children in this case explain to us the experts, “they are not able to understand a concept as something abstract, they have to materialize it and make it tangible in order to understand it”🇧🇷 The same thing happens, for example, when we try to understand “no” and at first it turns out to be very complicated. ¿Qué es ‘no’, where do you see it, how do you ride it or leave it?

Abstract concepts must be connected and happiness cannot be less. It’s easy that at this time of year “this feeling is associated with a positive reward or an ephemeral one caused by receiving a gift without being able to perceive it as a lasting emotion.” Esto es, tells us, “because when you open the presents they become the protagonists and important because it’s very simple unconsciously to associate that feeling of happiness with the object you have in front of you, not paying attention to what he really enjoys, is this moment with the family”. Therefore, where is the clave? At this moment, right now.

Time and values, the main keys

To prevent this association from occurring, “it is essential to spend time with them day after day, so that the protagonists also feel with other stimuli that do not only give them gifts.” for him, we should ask them questions daily, be interested in what they are doing and pay attention to them by giving them quality time🇧🇷 This way you can value the concept of family more and understand that Christmas is not a time you will remember for the presents, but for those moments you experienced with your family and friends.

Therefore, dedicating this time to you is very important, commenting to us, “c the need to communicate our values ​​as clearly as possible and with language adapted to your age🇧🇷 For him “you have to build the idea that time is the best gift and teach them, of course, to give thanks, to know that they are very lucky to feel safe, secure and loved, to learn to appreciate the little ones more there.than what he sowed”.

A tip to enjoy quality time at Christmas

Even if you don’t think about gifts 24 hours a day during these holidays, it can seem complicated, “there are many ideas to encourage children to value time, not all materials,” experts tell us. The key is to enjoy and cooperate in all tasks and activities that are planned as a family. Sí, aunque el árbol de Navidad quede made a disaster, los más pequeños must cooperate. This is one of the various tips that the experts gave us.

La Navidad organizes a count with everyone

Organizing Christmas together with planning where everyone can choose the activities they most dream and want to do. Therefore, it is important that everyone participates in decision-making who will also need to feel appreciated. That’s what it produces, experts say, “is to strengthen and build secure emotional bonds between parents and children, making children strive for a greater value of quality time with family and less burden on the material.”

Creating your own traditions

Los niños sonas que value much of the tradition on a sentimental level, the experts tell us, why they anxiously hope that every year repeats what happened the year before, which is a way to give them the illusion of something that goes beyond money and gifts. “Having your own rituals, such as giving us the grace to be together, is fundamental to children, whether they are very young or older,” they tell us.

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