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A vegan mother rebels from school by forcing her daughter to dress up as a fisherman. “I am devastated.”

Discussions about animal rights are becoming more and more frequent these days. It is because of thinking about the suffering of other species that many people stop eating meat, famous vegetarians. However, the vegan movement has also been gaining supporters in recent years. while vegetarians eliminate meat but eat other animal products, vegans eliminate any products that contain animal participation, such as honey, eggs, and animal bone-refined ingredients. for example

People who choose this lifestyle complain that they find it difficult to follow a different diet and philosophy than most.

This was the case with Spanish influencer and vegan mom Rocio. A woman said on TikTok that she was furious after learning that her eight-year-old daughter’s school asked her to dress up as a fisherman for a school event.

“I’m absolutely devastated, I want to cry,” the mother declared. “Navia’s (her daughter’s) 8-year-old class decided to go to the carnival dressed as fishermen. I’ve already told the teacher that apparently Navia doesn’t go as a fisherman because it violates her moral and ethical principles,” the influencer explained.

The mother was disgusted because the teacher did not want to come to an agreement, saying that they would not exchange costumes because it was part of the class rules.

“They cannot discriminate against anyone on the basis of their religious, moral or ethical beliefs,” Rocio argued. “I’m tired of never being taken into account.”

In Instagram Story, the woman added: “Also in class they made him make a fishing rod as a craft, it’s all crazy.”

The video went viral and shared opinions. On the one hand, some people criticized the mother. “This violates the moral and ethical principles of my 8-year-old daughter. In other words, against you. In other words, he says that he is encouraged by these moral and ethical principles, because the 8-year-old girl does not have her justification. Good lady, we are good,” one user said.

Other users came out in defense of the vegan. “Is it really that hard to sympathize with a mother who doesn’t want to educate her daughter in species?” declared influencer Rush Smith.

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