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A way to keep leftovers safe after the holidays. That’s him.

The key to not wasting food is first to buy it wisely and secondly to store it properly. We won’t do the shopping for you, but as for not wasting anything… See, it’s not as hard as it seems.

Who’s to say she doesn’t overcook, especially around Christmas time? And sometimes I don’t ask myself what to do with leftover food after Christmas. We don’t know… How to stop throwing away unused products every day? Here is an extremely simple and effective way, thanks to which nothing will ever go to waste in your home.

How to keep food fresh longer?

Among the trends of 2022 was the return to nature, simple life and ecology. Thoughts about what we can do to live more responsibly have become part of our daily lives. This has been helped by publications such as “Na marne” by Marta Sapala or “The Book of Garbage” by Stanisław Lubienski, which open our eyes to food waste, our planet’s resources and the indifference to product freshness. In addition, many of us are familiar with the song “I cook, I don’t waste” by Sylvia Majer, who teaches us to shop wisely and use the products that are already in our refrigerator economically. All this allows us to focus on what we can do here and now to use the resources available to us more wisely. Of course, among other things, it will be more economical and environmentally friendly preservation of food.

A way to waste food: vacuum storage

Did you know that food freshness can be extended up to twice as long? He comes here to help Bosch and its ErgoMixx and VitaMaxx vacuum food storage systems. How do they work? Oxygen is sucked out of the package (bag or container) through a special tip, and the food remains in a vacuum, devoid of oxygen and bacteria responsible for the rotting process. This works in both the pantry, fridge and freezer, allowing it to stay fresh despite low temperatures. The removal of oxygen ensures that the moisture remains in the food and does not concentrate in small ice crystals that collect on the surface. Simple and brilliant. This way you can save on extra vegetables, bread, as well as Christmas Eve dumplings or too many pieces of fish left over from dinner. So, fresh or already processed products. Furthermore, containers that are reusable, do not absorb odors, are microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Plus, you can also put a timer on them that will tell you the packing date, so one more thing off your mind. Who doesn’t appreciate it when life is made easier for them? The vacuum storage kit can also be purchased separately as it fits all ErgoMixx hand blender from Bosch.

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