A woman buys used skates and discovers they were hers when she was a teenagerEnglish 

A woman buys used skates and discovers they were hers when she was a teenager

Look how amazing it is! Art teacher Renee Forrestal was pleasantly surprised when she bought vintage skates from a stranger online. She soon discovered that the pair were the same ones she had worn as a teenager.

“I tried them on and they fit perfectly. When I looked inside, my name was written there in my handwriting. I cried,” he said in a TikTok video.

This extraordinary meeting with the past happened when the teacher decided to buy skates to celebrate her 60th birthday, where she lives with her family in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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After 40 years of not wearing them, Renee bought a brand new pair and wore them for a week. Unfortunately, he did not adapt to the modern model.

“I was disappointed that they weren’t as well made as they used to be. So I decided to look for an old pair.”

That’s when she found an internet ad for an older model for $40 that looked a lot like the one she had when she was a teenager. However, the man selling the skates named James Bond did not know the shoe number.

Until the surprise came. it had Renee Forrestal’s name written on the inside of the skate.

Sentimental value

See what? Renee sold the skates 40 years ago at a garage sale.

The object had sentimental value as he had won it at a time when he was dealing with a “significant personal loss”.

“My eyes filled with tears because my life flashed before my eyes,” she said.

Watch the video below:

Renee with the person who sold her the skates. Photo: Replay/Video


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