A woman cries when she retires after working in the village for 50 years.  VIDEOEnglish 

A woman cries when she retires after working in the village for 50 years. VIDEO

After 50 years of working in the fields of Maranhão, 55-year-old Ana María Mendez fulfilled her dream and was finally able to retire after her request was denied. This is great news for him and his family, but it was Maranyao’s reaction that took the internet by storm and moved many people. (video below)

She cried, hugged the lawyer and the moment was captured by the security camera of Ana Maria’s law office. When he got emotional with a customer, he thought he should share the moment on social media to brighten people’s day a little. And it worked very well.

“Not only him, but also us were moved by the battles he experienced. Our reaction is understood only by those who have followed everything that my mother has gone through in her life until today. My mother is a fighter, a fighter,” said Aliselia, Ana Maria’s daughter.

After Alexander, the lawyer, delivers a bag of birthday presents and the news of his retirement, Ana breaks down in tears and hugs the lawyer.

The touching scene has garnered almost 130,000 views on the social network (see the video at the end of the article).

A story of many struggles

The incident took place in Apikum-Achu, a municipality 301 km from San Luis, where Maria lives in the Kilombola community.

Ana says that she has been working in the village since she was six years old. He has been in food crops, flour production and weed management.

Illiterate, he started working very early to help his mother financially. After raising nine children alone and working in the countryside for 49 years, Ana wanted the break she could only get in her dream retirement.

The news of Alisela’s retirement touched the whole family. According to him, the mother is a fighter who has fought all her life to take care of the children.

the command was rejected

Alexander also said that Ana Maria had previously applied for retirement through the Rural Workers Union, but her request had been denied.

While looking for explanations about the case, Aliselia came to the lawyer, who was moved by this story and promised to help.

“His daughter, who was the only one who graduated from high school and is now studying pedagogy, wanting to have a different fate from her family, found out through a cousin who had already paid the maternity fee through the office, came to talk to me. first, explain the mother’s condition,” explains Alexander.

a hug of gratitude

Upon receiving the news, Ana Maria gave the lawyer a big hug. This moment was emotional for him, because it is an unusual reaction among office clients.

“I was very surprised, because in the village the lawyer has an unattainable image, he has authority, and people generally have a lot of respect,” Alexander explained.

“When he broke the protocol, I was speechless. But when I received that hug of gratitude, I realized that I was on the right track, because he could be just another customer, but for him I am a person who contributed to changing a part of his life,” he said.

The video is moving the internet

The lawyer said that he did not initially think about spreading those images on social networks.

He showed it only to two colleagues and a few friends, who immediately encouraged him to publish it.

For Alexander, the video’s virality serves as a positive and motivating factor in the legal scenario.

“I was afraid [em publicar o vídeo], because it could be construed as advertising, something that the OAB Code of Ethics expressly prohibits. But when the video went viral, to my surprise, Maranio and the vast majority of attorneys in several states congratulated me on my attitude. This directly contributes to advocacy as something positive and motivating,” concluded Alexander.

Ana Maria gets excited when she gets the news of her retirement — Photo: Reproduction

Farm worker Ana Maria (left) and daughter Alicelea Oliveira (right).  — Photo by Alexander Pereira/Personal Archive

Farm worker Ana Maria (left) and daughter Alicelea Oliveira (right). — Photo by Alexander Pereira/Personal Archive

Watch Ana Maria’s video that has gone viral.

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