A woman sued her ex and won a millionaire for 27 years of domestic service

Female victory! A woman sued her ex-husband for 27 years of domestic service in their home and won. Ivana Moral, 48, received 200,000 euros in compensation, roughly 1.1 million rials.

The decision was made in tRibunal Velez-Malaga, municipality of Spain. Ivana’s ex-husband was sentenced for two decades when the woman devoted herself exclusively to taking care of the daughters and household chores at home and in the gym, while the man squandered the money.

The woman claimed that she worked more than 10 hours a day, giving up her own dreams. “My abilities have always decreased.”

The husband only cared about luxury

Ivana Moral claimed that while she was devoted to the house, her husband only thought about buying luxury cars and real estate. “It was a continuous battle, in which I cried a lot, suffered, I always gave up, but slowly I lost faith,” he said.

While married, Ivana Moral had plans and dreams, which were not taken seriously by her husband. “I wanted to have my own business, but I worked for him without ever getting paid, even devoting myself up to 10 hours a day,” she said, recalling her ex-husband’s chain of gyms.

While her husband wasted his time on luxuries, Ivana Moral claims that their daughters lack the basics. “I lived in misery, tied hand and foot, begging for something,” he said. The woman added: “I felt economically threatened, worthless, always dependent on the same person.”

Despite everything, Ivana said that she does not regret giving herself to her daughters, otherwise the girls would have had difficulties because their father was always absent.

Depression and psychological abuse

The woman also said that she went through repeated episodes of psychological abuse and that she had great difficulty getting rid of her now ex-husband.

“Once he isolated me in a farm in Alhama de Granada. He always kept me away from the family so that the situation would remain the same,” he said.

It was these and other episodes that led Ivana to a depressive state. “I couldn’t switch off. It was like a guide dog always following him.”

Everything has changed!

After this whole nightmare, Ivana had good news. (have you been informed?) He will be compensated at the rate of application of the interprofessional minimum wage for each year since 1996.

In addition, Ivana’s ex-husband was also ordered to pay child support for the couple’s daughters. The woman’s daughters defended the mother’s decision to sue the father.

Regarding the case, Ivana’s lawyer said: “It has been proven that this woman, a mother of two daughters, married under the regime of property division, has devoted herself mainly to household work since her marriage, that is, she takes care of the house and family with all that. it implies.’

Now, with the victory of the court, Ivana celebrated. “I am very happy because I think the verdict was deserved,” he said.

Ivana, the woman who sued her ex and received millionaire compensation. He said that he always gave time, energy and love to his family. Photo supplied.

With information from Malaga Hoy.

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