A woman weeps with joy after seeing her husband stand up for the first time, 3 years after his tragic drowning in the river. VIDEO

When we say love is transformative, that’s what we mean. 3 years ago, Elder became a quadriplegic after jumping into a river, hitting his head and becoming a quadriplegic. The accident happened in Mato Grosso do Sul and today with a lot of love, patience and therapies he was able to stand up for the first time.

The woman, Maira Lazarini, did not hold back her emotions. In the video published by Maíra on social networks, she is finally able to feel the warmth of the embrace of the love of her life again for a few minutes with the help of physiotherapy equipment. (see below)

“How important it is to be able to see eye to eye. Being able to hug… do you have any idea how powerful that is? 3 years have passed, but the day has come,” Maira said in an interview with Só Notícia Boa.

The accident

But it was a long road of pain and persistence to get here. The merchant, affectionately known as Grandao by his wife and friends, hit his head on a sandbar after diving into the river on Christmas Day 2019. is moving.

Maira was five months pregnant when it all happened. Despite the difficulties, the couple did not lose faith and it was the love of his wife Maira and their 2 and a half year old son that made Yerets not give up.

“On 12/25/19, Christmas Day, Elder jumped into the river at Bodokena after a family meal. We spent Christmas and New Year in the hospital, after 12 days we were already at home. [Desde] So I take care of Elder at night and at dawn, changing diapers, applying the probe, turning. Besides relying on my mother’s help. We live with him, he helps a lot,” said Maira, who is now the head of the family and cannot pay for the treatment alone.

“I still hope that he will be able to stand up, he has responded very well to physiotherapy. There are much more expensive treatments that can help you with this recovery, but we can’t afford it. However, we have not lost faith,” he said.


Today, the monthly cost of the treatments, which include physiotherapy (a lot), medication and the help of caregivers, reaches 6,000 rials. The family now dreams of pledging more than R$300,000 worth of surgeries and treatments that can help Elder.

For this reason, Grandão’s campaign is open in Só Vaquinha Boa so that he can continue his treatment and be able to improve his health and quality of life.

You can contribute directly through PIX: elder-tratamento@sovaquinhaboa.com.br

or through the crowdfunding link by clicking here.

The goal is for the couple to be able to rely on intensive physical therapy for at least a year.

“We can’t go back in time and change what happened, but we can contribute to a better quality of life and independence for Senior,” the woman concluded.

See their love.

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