A woman without arms and a dog without paws became best friends. VIDEO

Best friends! An animal already completely changes our lives, and in the case of Luanna Passos, a new pet was more than special. Her husband, Pablo Pasos Almeida, surprised her with a small dog without one of its paws. And the reason for the emotions is that Luanna doesn’t have one of her hands.

In the video showing the pet’s arrival, Luanna is initially a bit shocked, after all, as incredible as it is to have a puppy at home, we know that they also give work and need proper attention and care. But when she realized the gift, it was exciting.

The two instantly became best friends and continued to share the cutest scenes on social media. The result? Love quickly spread between owner and new puppy. Both beauty.

cute surprise

It was this characteristic of the puppy that made Pablo choose him as a gift for his wife. Very cute, right?

When Luanna realized Pablo’s surprise, she had mixed feelings. She was both in love with the puppy and a little worried about how he was going to take care of everything.

But it only took a few minutes with the pet for Luanna to put her worries aside and finally give in and pet the pup.

After a few hours, she was completely in love with the puppy and changed her mind about him.

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cute reactions

The video was published by Pablo in March, but it became viral only now. They’ve gotten a lot of love on social media and say it’s amazing to see how much people understand the meaning of the gift.

“What a delicacy! this is a way to show how much you love this beautiful girl. Congratulations,” wrote one of the followers.

“Two tackles,” commented another.

“And thus a collaboration of millions is born,” said another follower.

“I have one too, I used to cry so much that I lost my leg, but today he lives normally and is very happy,” said another.

“One will understand the other. kkk Congratulations on your maturity and easy way of life,” greeted another.

People’s reactions couldn’t be more different, such a beautiful sight makes us believe in the human love of accepting and adopting animals, as it is with this tiny little dog.

We are sure that he has added more to this beautiful family.

See the woman’s reaction.

Luanna fell in love with the new puppy and they instantly became best friends – Photo: reproduction Instagram

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