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A young man arrives at graduation with a horse that took him to school every day

A friend in distress must also be present to win!!

Young Bolivian Imer Baldovino Cevada took this provision very seriously when he surprised everyone by taking the horse Tormento to the training ceremony.

“I told the professor that I wanted to go on a horse because he is my faithful friend, he accompanied me every day on flood roads, and now he also had the right to go to my graduation.”local media said.

Imer said that the area where he lived was affected by the flood and there is no means of transport that can take him to school. It was then that Antonio Enrique Ordonez, the owner of the nearby farm where he worked, offered the young man a horse to complete his studies.

The horse and boy traveled for two years rain, shine or flood. During this journey, the road was often difficult with mud and a flooded river.

Imer made a request for an unusual guest at school, and it was answered immediately. Everyone was excited because they were unaware of the difficulties the young man had faced.

“Everything is possible with effort, every sacrifice has its reward, there is no excuse for not studying,” he commented.

Friends rode proudly to the graduation ceremony. Imer now wants to study agricultural engineering in college and is looking for resources to make this dream come true.


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