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Acafe. The result of the 2022 winter vestibule is available

The final result of the Santa Catarina Educational Foundations Association (ACAFE) 2022 Medical Winter Vestibular is now available. This way, participants can check the approved lists for each facility on the Acafe website.

Admission varies by college. Candidates should therefore wait for the educational institutions to inform them about the registration deadlines and guidelines. The list of documents required for academic registration is available for the 2022 Winter Admissions Exam.

How was the election?

Acafe applied for the 2022 Winter Medical Vestibular Exam on June 12. The test sites were in Florianopolis, 11 other cities in Santa Catarina.

According to the announcement, the test consisted of an essay with 63 objective questions in the following subjects: Portuguese language – literature, foreign language (Spanish or English), mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history – geography.

The public notice states that the charged literary works are as follows: “Best Stories”, author: Ligia F. “Negro”, Cruz is Souza; “On Love’s Friendship”, Clarice Lispector; The Cemetery of the Living, Lima Barreto; “The Miracles of the Dog Jerome” by Pericles Prade.

Preliminary answers to the questions were published by Acafe on the same day of the tests, after 20:00.

According to the public announcement, Acafe’s total offer for 2022 Medicine Winter Vestibular is 346 vacancies for the following institutions: FURB (40 vacancies), UnC (60 vacancies), Unesc (50 vacancies), Unidavi ( 30 vacancies), Unifebe (60 vacancies), Univali (33 vacancies), Univille (43 vacancies) և Uoesc (30 vacancies).

Visit the Acafe website for more information.

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