Acer Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OC. How much does it cost?

It will soon become a fact – Acer launches its first graphics card on the Polish market. You can buy it now – we also know how much we’ll pay for it!

Some time ago it announced its debut in the graphics card market – a surprisingly well-known laptop or monitor manufacturer decided not to cooperate with Nvidia or AMD, but with Intel.

The result is the Acer Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OC system, which is the manufacturer’s first offering in the GPU segment. It’s nothing but proprietary version of the Intel Arc A770 card.

The cooling system must not fail

One of the main distinguishing features of this card is the advanced cooling system, based on the fifth generation AeroBlade and FrostBlade 2.0 3D fans. Additional effects are provided by RGB LED backlighting. This system will also be supported by water vapor chamber technology, which is rare in GPUs.

The new Acer chip received 16 GB of GDDR6 type VRAM – it is factory overclocked, due to which the clock speed increases to 2400 MHz. The TGP of this system is 250W. There is also support for XeSS technology, which is responsible for content scaling, e.g. up to 4K resolution, and it all comes with full DirectX 12 library and DirectX Raytracing support.

picture Acer

The BiFrost board will also allow you to monitor the system by controlling fan speed and adjusting lighting using the Predator BiFrost Utility app. This program will also allow you to adjust the performance of this equipment according to our needs.

The equipment will have 4 video outputs: 1 HDMI and 3 under Display Port. The dimensions of the card are 267 by 117.75 mm. and it will occupy two slots.

How much will we pay for the first Acer graphics card? The system is already available in the Media Expert and stores (although we can currently only buy it in the latter) – its price is 2259 PLN.

source: Acer

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