Acer suffered a cyberattack. Up to 160 GB of data for sale!

Acer could be in serious trouble. It turns out that the company recently leaked up to 160 GB of data, which consists of over 2,800 files. The Taiwanese manufacturer has confirmed this incident.

Acer is unlikely to laugh after the recent incident. One of the foreign websites reports that the company was the victim of a cyberattack in which a large amount of data was stolen. The criminal even claimed that it took him several days to review all the information obtained.

Said hacker is believed to be a person using the pseudonym Kernelware. On the HackRead portal, we read that the criminal attributes the data theft which took place in mid-February 2023. What is most impressive, however, is the amount of information compromised. Turns out Kernelware stole 2869 files, which the total size is 160 GB.

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The cybercriminal also claims that the prey contains valuable documents and files which he wants to sell through one of the hacking forums. As confirmation of his success, he shared a sample of the stolen data.

The business may be in serious trouble

Kernelware said the list of information includes, among other things: back-end infrastructure data, technical manuals, demos and details on various devices. There was also a variety of software.

The Taiwanese producer spoke about the whole situation, recently confirming the detection of unauthorized access to one of the servers. The ongoing investigation does not indicate that any user data was affected.

This incident can have a very negative impact on the company. The HackRead website claims that the data can be used for fraud, blackmail or identity theft. We will probably have to wait for other revelations. However, it is unclear if we will learn anything more over time.

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