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Activists. Security forces fire on protesters in Sahedan, Iran

Activists. Security forces fire on protesters in Sahedan, Iran

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A month after protests were violently suppressed in the southeastern Iranian city of Sahedan, activists say security forces have fired on protesters there again. Special police units suppressed the protesters and “fired into the crowd,” the US-based Human Rights Activist News Agency (HRANA) reported on Twitter. According to the Iranian state media, one person was killed and 14 were injured.

During the “riots” in Sahedan, a civilian was killed “when unknown persons opened fire”, the state-run Irna agency reported, citing the provincial security council. Security forces are among the 14 wounded. Irna blamed “rioters” for the riots, saying they had set tires on fire. “Some masked rioters” “threw stones at the vehicles,” it said.

Hrana’s tweet included a video of gunfire and shouts of “Allah Akbar”. The AFP news agency was initially unable to verify the recordings.

Another video, released by the Oslo-based Iran Human Rights Watch (IHR), shows sustained automatic gunfire aimed at people hiding. Activists reported that dozens of people poured into the city’s streets after Friday prayers.

Meanwhile, the Iranian authorities dismissed the police chief and the head of the police department of Sahedan. The Security Council of Sistan-Baluchistan province, whose capital is Sahedan, promised compensation to “innocent victims” of the deadly clashes, Irna reported on Friday. On September 30, more than 150 people stormed the Sahedan police station after Friday prayers. According to official data, 35 civilians and six security forces were killed.

The protests were sparked by reports that a police officer allegedly raped a girl. According to IHR, 93 people were killed in Sahedan during the suppression of protests.

On Friday, the Security Council of Sistan-Baluchistan published the conclusions of the investigation carried out on the instructions of the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi. “Unfortunately, several praying fellow citizens and innocent pedestrians who had nothing to do with it were hit during the clashes.

Located near the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the province is one of the poorest regions in the country and home to the Baloch minority. Most of them adhere to Sunni Islam and not to the Shia Islam that prevails in Iran. Human rights organizations have long protested discrimination by Tehran’s Shiite leadership. Dozens of people are killed or convicted and executed in clashes with security forces there every year.

According to the IHR, dozens of protesters have been killed across the country during protests in Iran over the past few weeks. Unceasing protests across the country were sparked by the death of a young Kurd, Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old died on September 16 after being arrested by the so-called moral police in Tehran. He allegedly wore the headscarf incorrectly. Activists accuse the security forces of brutalizing the young woman.

Scores of people also took to the streets across the country on Friday, as online videos showed. Among other things, there have been protests in the western Iranian city of Mahabad, where security forces have killed at least four people in the past two days, according to activists.


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