Addicted to Facebook? ‘FAddict’ can help

Facebook is used by over a billion people and half of them log in every day. This shows that there are many Facebook addicts all over the world.

I was also addicted to Facebook (2 years ago) but not anymore, credit goes to much more addictive sites like Quora and Reddit.

However, today I am going to share the most promising way to deal with Facebook addiction.

FAddict, a smart and simple tool that I think is the most promising way to break Facebook addiction.

Make a $5 promise on FAddict that you will not use Facebook for the next 30 days (after you deactivate your account). If you are successful, you will get your deposit back. If you fail, the money will be donated to the Center for Addiction and Mental Health.

The FAddict team will check your Facebook profile at random times over a period of 30 days. If you are caught doing this, you will lose $5.

People who have signed up for this program will also appear on the website’s landing page. 28 people have signed up so far and none of them have failed so far.

FAddict is founded by Faisal Abid, software engineer, author and founder of Dynamatik, a design and development studio.

If you are also addicted to Facebook and ready to break that addiction, try this tool. I’m sure it will help.

Visit FAddict.

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