Adobe Stock governs the terms regarding AI graphics

Adobe hasn’t been an audience favorite for years. The latest changes in the regulations may not bring them more fans either…

If you’ve been following the art community’s discussions regarding artificial intelligence in recent months, you’re probably well aware that they’re not exactly happy with their work being stolen and inserted into images generated by algorithms. This is a matter that is discussed long, hard, loud and… with a lot of emotion. I’m not surprised at all – and neither should anyone. We have finally reached the stage where the generated graphics can have watermarks of the authors of the original works that they “borrowed” while learning the algorithms, and the owners of huge sites turn their eyes away and pretend that the problem does not exist. Only after provoking a discussion and a huge riot does he change his mind. Adobe has now updated their terms regarding the publication of AI-generated material in their stock bank.

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Adobe Stock accepts works with artificial intelligence – but tags them accordingly

In the material published yesterday on the Adobe website regarding the changes to the rules of Adobe Stock, we will read about the changes that are coming within the platform. While many industry giants are starting to back away from supporting AI-generated graphics for fear of copyright issues, the creative industry giant is taking a different approach… a little differently. One could say: quite boldly. The owners of the company believe that artificial intelligence is the future and will be a huge support for creators in the creative industry in the near future.

Generative AI is a big step forward for creators as it uses amazing machine learning capabilities to create images faster using words, sketches and gestures. Adobe Stock members use AI tools and technologies to diversify their portfolio, expand their creativity and increase their earning potential. Going forward, these reports will need to meet our guidelines for AI-generated content and will need to be labeled accordingly.

Next we read:

While the first generative AI technologies raised legitimate concerns, Adobe wants to help guide the evolution of the technology into tools that empower artists, but never seek to replace the human imagination. Properly designed, used, and publicized, generative artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool to enhance creativity, accelerating the creative process for the benefit of both consumers of digital content and the community of creators who create those resources.

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However, it doesn’t matter if the content is generated by AI or not – it will be subject to the same moderation as all other material added there. And their authors will have to demonstrate just as much responsibility:

AI-generated content is offered under the same license terms as other content sources. Our policies require our employees to proactively flag AI-generated content; soon we will add more features to make this content even clearer. If generative artificial intelligence is used and properly labeled to create useful and beautiful content – so that customers are clear about the origin of the resources they choose (…).

Well, I don’t expect a very warm reception from the creators – and the entire community, which many claim is being robbed of their works by artificial intelligence. We’ll see how it goes – but it’s already clear that it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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