AdoraCinema is betting live on the Oscars with sponsors

The broadcast will be supported by brands such as McDonald’s, Volkswagen and TNT and will be held at Webedia’s broadcast studio.

LoveCinema will be live streaming the Oscars this Sunday (12).

For 2023, the channel’s traditional live programming will have the support of brands such as McDonald’s, Volkswagen and TNT, in addition to being hosted by hosts Amanda Brandao and Marie Neri, along with in-house film critic Aline Pereira and guest Guy Souza. .

The production will be simulcast on QueroCinema’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok profiles and will serve as a second screen for those watching the awards ceremony.

“We are talking about a very rich and, first of all, pluralistic space, because companies from all different segments can use the moment to put their strategies into practice. An example of this diversity and modernity that Oscar has as a communication tool is that in 2023 we will have the honor to have the presence and reinforcement of giants such as Volkswagen, TNT and McDonald’s,” said Antoine Clausel , the film director. Webedia Brazil.

The live broadcast will take place in Webedia’s broadcast studio with a 180° LED panel and a length of 15 meters.

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