After bankruptcies, a former beach vendor becomes a millionaire with a mobile top-up franchise

Take a look at the turning point in this former beach vendor’s life. Carioca, Rafael Soares, 39, just became a millionaire with his mobile charging franchise called Santa Carga. This after a few bumps in life and some bankruptcies.

Rafael started working in Copacabana Beach (RJ) at a very young age, selling snacks to help out at home. Sometimes helping his father sell sugarcane juice, sometimes going to the beach to sell his mother’s dishes, he was not afraid of work. And he is simply grateful for what he has achieved in life.

“Today we have more than 105 franchisees with 340 units in Brazil. I thank the impressive Santa Carga team that does this every day,” Ricardo wrote on his social networks, announcing the success of the company, which has already earned 5 million roubles.

simple family

The son of a welder father and a mother who made and sold snacks and sandwiches on Copacabana Beach, Rafael started working at just 12 years old to help his parents.

And the entrepreneurial gift appeared early. After the death of his father at the age of 17, he was invited for three months as an office assistant in the company where his father worked as a welder. There he managed to save some money and invest it in his first business, a bar, which he turned into another business.

young entrepreneur

Raphael then closed the bar and opened a computer store there. The former boss, learning about the new enterprise, helped the young man to invest in the business. Within a year, there were already five stores in Duque de Caxias.

However, with financial mismanagement, Raphael suffered his first bankruptcy. Years later, he invested in an Internet cafe. He went through years of trials and failures when he reinvested in the bar in 2013.

And it was at the bar that the waiter poured water on the iPhone. Rafael then invested R$1,500 to design the box to hold the equipment and have units to charge the devices. With all the experience he already had, he understood that this idea has a future.

Former beach salesman and millionaire

And it worked. The business grew so much that Rafael sold the bar and invested in Santa Carga, a multi-purpose company that offers a turbocharger to recharge mobile phones, a Wi-Fi point and a digital panel for advertising and local news through a totem.

In 2021, business became a privilege. Since then, Santa Carga has thrived.

The company has earned R$ 5 million and he wants to grow more and more.

Your story Raphael is incredible.

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