After denying being a ‘Bolsonarista’, Tarcísio is shown laughing with Alexandre de Moraes

Elected Governor of São Paulo and former Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcisio de Freitas (Republicans) was photographed laughing with the minister of the Federal Supreme Court (stf) and president of TSE (High Electoral Court), Alexandre de Moraesduring the mandate of the ministers appointed to the STJ (Supreme Court of Justice) Messod Azulay Neto and Paulo Sérgio Domingues.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) attended the event, which took place in Brasília, but left without speaking to the press and did not speak. Yesterday (12/05), the defeated candidate cried while attending an Armed Forces ceremony in Brasília, and left the country without speaking.

The photo of the governor-elect and TSE president, a frequent target of criticism from Bolsonaro and his supporters, came a day after Tarcísio told CNN Brasil that he was never a “rooted Bolsonarian” and that he does not want to to enter into an “ideological war” in his country.government.

Despite speaking for the broadcaster, throughout the campaign, Tarcísio posed with him Bolsonaro several times when he completed the agendas in “double” in search of votes for both. The head of the Executive himself appeared in the electoral campaign of the former minister to ask for votes from the ally.

The records of photographers Ton Molina and Wilton Junior, from Estadão Escolha, show Tarcísio and Moraes close and talking. In the picture, it can be seen that the president of the Tirana Stock Exchange and the elected governor are both smiling.

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