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After his first UFC finish, Allan Nascimento takes on the Rio Card.

Las Vegas, Nevada — Brazilian flyweight Allan Nascimento Wins the first submission and ends his UFC career Saturday night at UFC Vegas 67.

The bareback shock of Carlos Hernandez standing bare is smooth. and later received a Performance of the Night bonus 1 in 4 pieces for a 31-year-old man after completing the event

“Puro Osso” was in good spirits after the victory. speaking to media outlets, including Cageside Press.

“I am very happy about giving up. My first surrender to the black belt in jiu-jitsu,” said Nascimento (20-6), almost sparkling after the match. “I am very happy with my second victory. [in] UFC, let’s take the next step.”

as he announced in the cage after his victory The Brazilian also earned a black belt before going up against Hernandez. Nascimento spent two years as a brown belt. He said after Saturday’s win: “But the purple line is very long. like seven years I don’t know why But I am very happy with the black belt.”

The fight appeared to be over when Hernandez made a mistake by standing up with Nascimento on his back. Let him lock the choke However, that doesn’t have to happen.

“I practiced a lot. This location in Brazil. And my partner had a lot of problems with my back,” Nascimento said. “I just came here and made this happen. I wanted to [do] Overtones but an opportunity [in the] fight and i can [him]”

While he missed the UFC 283 card in Rio within a week, Allan Nascimento added that he would like to fight there next time.

“The UFC deserves this show in Rio de Janeiro. I want to fight in Rio next time. i don’t know when it’s a good card very good fight I’m there next week. Let’s go. [see] Two belts for Brazil.”

On the off chance that the promotion has a spot on the Rio card, however, Nascimento will be out of action for a week – but with a weight gain. “In bantamweight yes, in flyweight I think no.”

Watch the UFC Vegas 67 vs. Allan Nascimento post-fight press conference above.

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