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After many years of struggle, Kelly Clarkson decided to accept and love her own body / Incredible

They say that the first thing a person must do to achieve happiness is to stop comparing themselves to others and appreciate the characteristics that make them unique and special. This is what the TV presenter and winner of the american idol Kelly Clarkson found out after many years of trying to be what others wanted her to be. Today, the singer is 40 years old and experiencing the best phase of her life, mostly because she learned to love her own body.

Kelly has always been criticized for her appearance.

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Kelly Clarkson was just 20 years old when she won the TV show in 2002 american idol. Both the judges and the millions of viewers were stunned by the singer’s powerful voice, but what not everyone knew was that despite Kelly’s charm during the performance, she was going through a very difficult time behind the scenes.


The singer explained that even though she was very thin during the show, she was still “rounded up” by the other contestants and therefore had to deal with a lot of mean comments. However, the star was determined not to be affected by any of this. Kelly said of these episodes: “Luckily, I’m a very confident person and I’ve never had a problem standing up to others.”

However, the criticism left the singer unsure.

Despite her strong personality, the big airing of the TV show and mean comments about her body caused Kelly to get caught up in the pressure to lose weight. The singer admitted that in 2007 she had an eating disorder and that she continued to feel unhappy even after the weight loss process: “I was very thin, but I was not a healthy person.”

Kelly learned to accept and love her own body

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Despite wavering about her own weight, little by little, Kelly realized that the most important thing about her body was her opinion, not the opinions of others. In 2017, she made the following statement: “I’m not obsessed with my weight.” On the contrary, the singer instead decided to focus on her career and enjoy life.

“Yes, I wish I had a better metabolism […] We always want what others have.” However, she likes to say that a lot of people would like to be able to walk into an environment and befriend everyone quickly, something she does very naturally.

The singer is better than ever

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Since becoming comfortable with her own body, things have turned out much better for the singer. In 2018, she became a judge and coach of the famous show The voice. And she insists that she entered the top-rated show just when she was at the top of her weight.

And the singer is keen to make it clear that she was hired by the show’s producers for her “real” character, not her looks.

She found the right way

Kelly admits, “When I’m fat, I’m a lot happier.” The singer’s journey helps us remember that people have different bodies and should find the lifestyle and appearance that works best for them, not compare themselves to others all the time.

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In addition, the singer decided to face the aging process naturally and resists the pressure to undergo cosmetic procedures, even if she has to face many cameras on a daily basis in the program she presents. With this, the 40-year-old intends to be an example of what it means to accept your own body and age gracefully. On this matter, Kelly said the following: “I want people to see what happens to us as we get older.”

What are your thoughts on the way Kelly Clarkson has handled and is handling the demands of her own body? Do you also think we should stop worrying about what others think? Share your opinion in the comments.

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