After the holidays, the craftsmen at Bergkamen Comprehensive School also work at night

Detlef Wagner (left) and Kevin Heyck work normal hours at the Willy Brandt Comprehensive School. However, other craftsmen have to work late shifts after the holidays. © Johannes Brune

As always during the summer holidays, construction works are underway in the schools. There is a lot to do in the comprehensive school. There is still construction going on after school starts – at unusual times.

Detlef Wagner and Kevin Heyck have normal working hours. The two masters are working during the day at the comprehensive school Willy Brandt. There they erected an additional corridor and a new group room in the attic of the science wing. Because there are still holidays, they are not disturbing anyone in the school building at the moment.

First of all, there is no comprehensive WLAN

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