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Agriculture says ‘mad cow’ case in Para is atypical and calls for return of exports

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In a statement released on Thursday night, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) noted that the incident “Mad Cow” Recorded in Maraba, Pará, is atypical and poses no threat to herds or humans.

After learning the information, Minister Carlos Favaro “Immediately, it began to enter the said information into the system for official communication to the WHO and the Chinese authorities.”

“As soon as the process is completed, a virtual meeting will be scheduled with the Chinese government on the issue of customs clearance of beef exports to the country,” the ministry’s official note said.

“I emphasize that the speed, efficiency and transparency demanded by President Lula were fundamental.”commented Favaro.

In addition to China, Thailand, Iran and Jordan also stopped the import of Brazilian beef. Russia has placed an embargo on Para meat.

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