AgroResidência. the program selects aquaculture projects

According to official information from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), the AgroResidência program opened the first public notice for the selection of aquaculture projects.

AgroResidência. the program selects aquaculture projects

Interested federal public educational institutions will be able to submit proposals between August 1 and 22, 2022, the latest official disclosure highlights. The first public call for tenders is open within the framework of AgroResidência, the Agricultural Professional Residency Program, which aims to select agricultural professional residency project proposals for specific actions in the aquaculture chain.

The initiative is jointly coordinated by the Family Agriculture and Cooperatives (SAF) and Aquaculture and Fisheries (SAP) secretariats of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa).

Target audience of the AgroResidência program

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) explains that the AgroResidência program is designed to qualify young students and recent graduates of agricultural sciences and related courses, supporting residency programs designed and coordinated by educational institutions around the world. the technical qualification of students, contributing to the involvement of these professionals in the labor market and thereby contributing to their development; agriculture Brazilian.

Educational institutions related to federal public administration can send proposals to the Program Selection and Evaluation Committee in PDF format to the e-mail address “programa.residencia@agro.gov.br” with the subject line e-mail. – Mail “Notice 01/2022 (name of institution)” from midnight on August 1, 2022 to 11:59 p.m. on August 22, 2022, as per public notice.

You can request more information about the public call from the Department of Technical Assistance and Extension of Rural Communities (Dater/SAF/Mapa) at the same email address: programa.residencia@agro.gov.br. Selected proposals will be eligible for funding estimated at R$1 million, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map:).


Resources are to be used for resident grants, mentoring faculty, and expenses for resident students, mentoring faculty, mentoring technicians, and staff participation in meetings, seminars, workshops, congresses, and the like.

According to the official definition of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), an agricultural vocational residence is characterized by the involvement of residents through practical, guided and supervised learning, ensuring the development; knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for professional practice.

The program also aims to consolidate and strengthen the relationship between the academic universe and the reality of Brazilian agriculture, promoting the training of professionals who can respond to the demands of the different sectors of the agricultural productive sector, highlights the official disclosure.

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