AGU is opening a competition for higher level positions

This Tuesday, December 27, the AGBU (General Prosecutor of the Union) competition announcement was published.

In this way, the body seeks to fill various vacancies, all of which are for higher level positions and in the legal field. In addition, these positions have specific criteria such as experience in the field or registration with the OAB on a case-by-case basis.

Those interested in the event should already strengthen their preparations, as the registration period starts from January 2023. In this regard, from January 9 to February 8, candidates will be able to register on the website of Cebraspe, that is, the examination board. the choice.

AGBU competition for these positions will also have different stages. It is therefore very important that the candidate consults the announcement by reading the entire document to understand the rules of the selection process.

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Get a better understanding of how this event will unfold below.

What will be the positions of AGB?

There are 3 different public notices for AGU with top level legal vacancies.

All roles require:

  • Law graduate.
  • Registration with the OAB (Brazilian Bar Association).
  • 2 years of forensic medical practice.

First, in general 100 vacanciesThe body submits a public notice for the position of Federal prosecutor Monday
Status: Some of his duties are, for example:

  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation of the Union.
  • Legal advice and consultancy services to the Union.
  • Determination of liquidity and certainty of loans.
  • Activities to assist the supported body in the internal control of the legality of its acts.

In addition, AGU also offers 75 vacancies for Prosecutor of the National Treasurywith duties to act, e.g.

  • Determination of liquidity and certainty of active tax debt of the Union.
  • Union representation in active tax debt enforcement.
  • Legal advice from the Ministry of Economy.

Eventually they will 100 vacancies for the charge Federal lawyerwith attributions, among others.

  • To lead the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Union, control and coordinate its activities and direct its implementation.
  • Trip to the President of the Republic.
  • Represent the Union in the Federal Supreme Court.

So, all these professionals have a starting salary of R$ 21,014.49, working 40 hours a week.

In addition to immediate vacancies, it is possible that all tenders have a reserve register design.

What will be the stages of the competition?

A candidate must be approved at all stages of the competition to fill the positions of AGB. In this regard, the steps will be:

  • objective evidence
  • discursive tests
  • oral assessment
  • A previous life syndicate
  • valuation of securities

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First, candidates will take an objective test of elimination and classification nature.

objective evidence

The test for the position of federal prosecutor will be on May 7, lasting 5 hours, divided into the following groups:

  • I. which covers the subjects of constitutional, administrative, financial and economic law, tax, social security and environmental law with 56 questions.
  • II. Civil law, civil procedure, business law and public international law, with 30 questions.
  • III. Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, Labor Law and Labor Procedure, Agrarian Law and Legislation on Education and Science, Technology and Innovation with 14 questions.

As for the role of AGBU National Treasury’s attorney, the first round, also lasting 5 hours, will take place on May 21 and will be divided into:

  • I: Taxation, Financial and Economic Law and Social Security Law, with 34 questions.
  • II. Civil Procedure, Civil Law, Business Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, Labor Law and Labor Procedure, with 34 questions.
  • III. Constitutional, administrative and public international law, with 32 questions.

Finally, the Federal Counsel post will have its first round on April 30, lasting 5 hours and divided into the following groups:

  • I: Constitutional, Administrative, Tax Law, Attorney General Law, Conflict Management and Management, Financial and Economic Law and Environmental Law, with 46 questions.
  • II. Civil law, civil procedure, business law, public and private international law, with 34 questions.
  • III. Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law, Labor Law and Procedural Law
    Right to work, social security and right to vote with 20 questions.

Therefore, it is important that the candidate study all the syllabus of Public Notice for preparation.

Other stages of the competition

Then, if the candidate is approved, he/she can take the discursive test of the AGB competition, which is also divided into the same subject groups.

This exam will therefore consist of opinions, court papers, dissertations and questions depending on the group and position.

Thus, only in case of approval at this stage, it will be possible to carry out the final registration when the candidate will send various documents.

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The oral test may require different subjects according to each position. Once approved, the bank will conduct a background check on the candidate as well as an analysis of his qualifications.

How to apply for the AGU competition?

Those who wish to compete for the above vacancies must register for the AGBU competition. For that, it is necessary to observe the deadline, which starts on January 9 and ends on February 8.

Firstly, it is still necessary for the candidate to read the entire public notice as it is a very strict competition with several criteria and several stages. Generally, those who go through this type of selection process prepare themselves even before the release of the document.

To register, then, simply visit the Cebraspe page, filling out the registration form with all the necessary information.

Finally, the candidate has to pay the registration fee. Otherwise, it will not be valid. Fee values ​​will be R$180 for all positions.

However, exemption from this amount can be requested in the following cases:

  • Candidates registered in the Cadastro Único, i.e. from low-income families.
  • People who are bone marrow donors.

The application deadline for these cases ends on February 7. After this date you will need to pay the fee.

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