Água Doce do Norte – ES MUNICIPALITY opens the selection process in 245 internships

in the state Holy SpiritThe: Municipality of Água Doce do Norte opens a new notification for the selection process to provide 245 internship vacancies for students at Secondary/Technical, B.Sc., M.Sc., and Technologist levels.

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Check out the features below:

COMPLETION. Labor Engineering (2); Dentistry (5); Pharmacy (3); Civil Engineering (2); Architecture (2); Environmental Engineering (4); Topography (2); Electrical engineering (2); Informatics (9); Education (1); Nurse (3); Education/Letters/Libra/History/Geography/Mathematics/Biology/Portuguese Language/Art (39); Nutrition (3);

Public policy (2); Psychology (6); Ed. Physics (15); Physiotherapy (5); Medicine (5); Speech therapy (3); Human Resources/Administration (9); Accounting (4); Right (15); Marketing (3); Publicity and propaganda (2); Journalism (1); and social service (4);

GRADUATE STUDENTSpeech therapist (3); Nurse (1); Labor Engineering (2); Dentistry (1); Ed. Physics (2); Civil Engineering (1); Architecture (1); Topography (1); Electrical engineering (1); Informatics (5); Accounting (3); Nutrition (3); Publicity and propaganda (3); Human Resources/Administration (6); Journalism (1); Social service (2);

Pedagogy/Letters/Libra/History/Geography/Mathematics/Biology/Portuguese Language/Art (11); Public policy (2); Psychology (3); Physiotherapy (2); Medicine (1); Environmental Engineering (2); Right (7); Marketing (3);

TECHNICAL MEANSProfessional qualification of electrician installing low-voltage buildings (1); Informatics (5); Job security (2); Architecture/Agriculture/Agroecology and Aquaculture (1); Food (3); Buildings (1); Nurse (1); Administration (6); Environment (1);

TECHNOLOGIST: Infrastructure (1); Food production (1); Cultural production and design (1); Information and Communication (3); Environment and Health (2); and Educational and Social Development (2).

There will also be, according to the published document, the creation of a reserve register for hiring according to the needs of the administration.

The stipend will be between R$700.00 and R$1,200.00 for a work load of 20 to 30 hours per week.


Those who wish to apply for one of the optional vacancies can apply until March 31, 2023, at the Municipal Administration Secretariat, in the Água Doce do Norte Municipal Building, located at Avenida Sebastião Coelho de Souza, nº 570.


Candidates will be assessed by performance analysis in Portuguese language and mathematics subjects from the 1st to 3rd year of high school, for undergraduate, postgraduate and technologist candidates, and the last of basic school for secondary and technical candidates. , in addition to the interview as a form of classification.

The selection process is valid for 01 year from the date of confirmation of the final result, which can be extended once for the same period at the discretion of the administration.


  • Implement methodological proposals for different areas of knowledge to be developed, with the aim of ensuring the expansion of students’ learning opportunities in teaching activities;
  • Support servers for general questions.
  • Assist in the preparation of various reports;
  • Assist in the performance of various tasks when necessary; and perform any other activity appropriate to your academic standing;
  • Monitor network, PC and data communication installations; control the development of new systems; Control performance of quality tests;
  • Support systems implementation and monitoring;
  • Assist with server maintenance routines;
  • Do any other activity that is relevant to your academic standing;
  • Assist in the collection of data, doctrinal or legal content; among other activities.

001/2023 PUBLIC NOTICE (pages 13 to 25)

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