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Aiemann Zahabi Decides Against Turcios

Aimenn Zahabi vs. Ricky Turcios, UFC Vegas 58 weighed in. Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press.

won Ultimate Fighter 29 At last August’s bantamweight tournament, Ricky Turcios faces a non-TUF tournament for the first time inside the Octagon on Saturday at UFC Vegas 58.

Turcios paired up with Canada’s Aiemann Zahabi, who had not fought for more than a year after winning by knockout Drako Rodriguez.

The first lap started with Turcios stomping on the canvas and yelling at Zahabi, who spent most of the round apprehensive and sometimes telegraphing his moves. Turcios landed a heavy kick and pressed the action most of the round.

In the second round, Zahabi began to loosen his attack slightly. But still be careful when choosing to attack with mostly leg kicks and calves. Then attack with a hit. For most of the laps Turcios was still fierce and Zahabi was very calculated.

Third round Zahabi appeared to take control early in the lap, with Zahabi’s leg kicks and Turcios continuing to be aggressive. But his attacks became predictable. He was still aggressive but didn’t land as close as Zahabi did. Zahabi was the matador in this fight as he easily caught Turcios on the counter, in and out, avoiding getting hit and falling on Turcios, not a fight. That’s especially fan-friendly with Turcios involved. But it’s a good game plan set by Zahabi.

Official result: Emen Zahabi def. Ricky Turcios passes (29-28×3), unanimous decision.

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