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Alan dos Santos was convicted of defamation against a film director

Photo by Adriano Machado/Cruso

Blogger Alan dos Santos (Photo) The Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul sentenced in the second instance this Wednesday (27) against the film director Estela Renner for defamation.

The decision of the three judges was unanimous, and the Bolsonarian was sentenced to 1 year and 7 months in prison with an open preliminary regime.

2017 Allan said the filmmaker encouraged drug use by children because he supported the Queermuseum exhibition in Porto Alegre.

The exhibition featured LGBT-themed works.

“Here it is, Maria Fariña Filmes, Estella Renner. I’m not kidding. See with your own eyes. These mothers continue to put grass in the mouths of idiots […] All this here is what stands behind Santander Cultural when they do zoophilia, child abuse.”he said during an online broadcast of his Tuesday Free show.

The blogger was acquitted at first instance, but Renner appealed. In the same case, in September 2021, he was sentenced by TJ-SP to pay 20,000 rials to the creator of the film.

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